Hotline Miami publisher is coming to the rescue of GaymerX after this week's funding mishap (update)

Hotline Miami publisher Devolver Digital has come to the rescue of the LGBT-focused video game convention GaymerX after the event's original sponsor NIS America pulled out earlier this week, the company confirmed today on Twitter. The publisher has stepped in to offer $3,000 for a 2015 GaymerX sponsorship, challenging other games companies to do the same. NIS America - the publisher that initially signed on as an official sponsor of the GaymerX VIP party - told the event organizers it will not be able to pay the associated sponsorship fees, despite the organizers promoting NIS America at the conference, GaymerX CEO Matt Conn revealed yesterday. GaymerX is an LGBT-centric gaming conference that was held from July 11 to 13. The event was heavily reliant on sponsors, who agreed ahead of...

A guided video tour of an Unreal Tournament map

  • Freedom Planet gameplay video

  • Adventure Time trailer

  • Hearthstone: Naxxramas Overview

  • Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty - Overview video


Dota 2 needs a white flag

I have spent more hours stuck in games of Dota 2 that I couldn't possibly win than I've played any other game this year.Let me rewind for a minute, to give some context. After this year's International Dota 2 championship, there's been a lot of analysis from people much smarter than I am about the game's "meta." The meta of Dota 2 relates to the relationships between characters, the nature of its current balance: what characters work competitively; which characters don't; what strategies are most viable; etc. I especially enjoyed Chris Thursten of PC Gamer's analysis of the state of the game in his breakdown of the International's grand final between Chinese teams Newbee and ViCi Gaming, which resonated with me on several levels. [The current patch] isn't friendly to strategies...

Girls-only game dev camp going global with support from publishers

Laila Shabir's Kickstarted game is nearly 10 months overdue. But it's not because she mishandled the budget. No one left the project. In fact, everything had been going extremely well until April.That's when she got distracted. Quite unexpectedly, Shabir realized that helping young girls learn to make their own games was more important. So she put her own company's game aside in order to help Girls Make Games become a reality. Learn District is Shabir's indie educational game studio. Its game, Penguemic, is a quirky vocabulary-builder that raised just over $50,000. It was on its way to a scheduled June release when, around April of this year, Shabir wanted to hire a developer to begin working on the team's next title. "I really wanted it to be a girl," Shabir says, "because currently...
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Borderlands PC multiplayer and DLC, lost with the GameSpy shutdown, is on its way back

After losing its multiplayer component earlier this year in the GameSpy server shutdown, Gearbox Software's Borderlands will have the service restored soon, according to a post on the Steam community forums. In April, publisher 2K announced that the impending shutdown of online service provider GameSpy's servers would "temporarily" take Borderlands' multiplayer offline, as well as online components for some Civilization games. At the time, 2K noted that the plan was to migrate these online components to Steamworks. An update released yesterday stripped the PC game of its SecuRom DRM and added a Granting Tool that transformed retail disc versions of Borderlands into Steam-compatible versions. The update also imported SecuRom DLC keys into the Steam version, so players who purchased B...

Tell Us Your Story

So the other day me and several of the regulars over in the Plight thread were telling our stories. Our story of how we got into anime specifically. Lots of great stories, many different takes on the subject. I felt like maybe we should expand this storytelling into all of Polygon. So I encourage everyone to write up a story about why you got into something. It could be anime, movies, video games, or even a physical hobby like interpretive dance.Anything kind of story you want to write but as long as it has impacted your life in someway, well preferably. Let's go ahead and lay down some ground rules for posting here. There is no required length of story. It would be five sentences or five paragraphs. Write however much you need to tell the story. No insulting or making fun of...

This ATM won't give you any cash, but it will drop you 'Knee-Deep in the Dead'

It has become a bit of a meme: Doom runs on everything. It's been played on an LED billboard, the Vic-20, a calculator, smartphones (and yes, computers). But these Australian hackers managed to tear down an automated teller machine and mod it to make the first-person shooter run using the machine's input keys. Step two: Slip it into a convenience store and wait for the chaos to ensue.

The Last of Us review update: Remastered on PS4

The Last of Us was already one of the most visually impressive games of the last generation, so the necessity of "remastering" it for next-gen hardware is arguable. The results, however, are not. The Last of Us Remastered is a lovingly curated package. In addition to a graphically improved version of the core game that looks better, runs smoother and loads faster, Remastered contains a number of bonuses — most notably, the excellent Left Behind single-player DLC. While I would have loved an option to slot Left Behind into its place in the timeline while playing through the game, just having it included at all is a blessing. While this is a great package for anyone who hasn't played The Last of Us yet, it also includes some nice elements for people who are already hardcore fans. A...

Shadow Warrior takes Hotline Miami references to Europe in this exclusive content on Sept. 26

Shadow Warrior is heading to both digital and U.K. retail stores on Sept. 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, distributor Bandai Namco confirms. The new release is launching with content exclusive to the consoles, including a new wave-based arena mode, weapons including the sledgehammer from Serious Sam 3, the katana from Hotline Miami, the 'Zilla Enterprises Z45 katana and the classic Shadow Warrior katana, along with a new campaign featuring the head of the Zilla corporation. "Our fans have been very vocal about bringing Shadow Warrior to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One so we're absolutely thrilled to be working with our friends at Bandai Namco to have Wang bring a sword to a gunfight," said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. Shadow Warrior was first released by Hotline Miami publisher...

Watch The Last of Us: One Night Live right now (update)

Update: The performance is over, but you can watch the entire show above. The Last of Us: One Night Live is live, right now, right here. It's streaming live right now, from PlayStation's Twitch channel, from now until 10pm Pacific (1am eastern). For more on The Last of Us, read our The Last of Us Remastered review here.
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NIS America allegedly backtracks out of GaymerX sponsorship

NIS America — a game publisher that signed on to be an official sponsor of the GaymerX VIP party — recently told the event organizers it will not be able to pay the associated sponsorship fees, despite the organizers promoting NIS America at the conference, GaymerX CEO Matt Conn revealed today. GaymerX is an LGBT-centric gaming conference that was held from July 11 to 13. The event was heavily reliant on sponsors, who agreed ahead of time to spend a certain amount of money on the conference in exchange for promotion at the event. "They agreed to $3,000 to be the official sponsor of the VIP party and open bar," Conn told me today via email. "This was originally $5,000, which actually was 75% off the $20K asking, but we were desperate. We wanted to do a lot more, but basically we said...

Yes, you can dress up like Link when Monster Hunter 4 comes stateside next year

When Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate hits Nintendo 3DS next year in North America, players will be able to dress up like Link from The Legend of Zelda and wield his famous gear, Capcom has confirmed. At its Monster Hunter panel at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, Capcom showed off the Monster Hunter 4 announcement trailer that showcases Link's weapon and armor set, but didn't provide specifics about the release. Nintendo and Capcom announced last September that the two companies were collaborating on a crossover that would bring Mario and Luigi and The Legend of Zelda to Monster Hunter, but it was never clear whether that content would ever leave Japan. Capcom hasn't specified whether the Super Mario Bros.-inspired items — which Felynes can wear in Monster Hunter 4 — are also coming...

Scientifically Accurate Sonic is everything you never wanted to know about hedgehog poop

Hedgehogs are more weirdly scatological and cannibalistic than the Sonic the Hedgehog series has led us to believe, as clearly and cartoonishly illustrated by the latest episode of Scientifically Accurate from Fox's Animation Domination High-Def. In the incredibly catchy yet informative video, we learn about the least appealing traits of actual hedgehogs, which include creating a poopy froth and then rubbing that mixture on themselves to the bewilderment of science. The Scientifically Accurate Sonic video touches on the real-world relationship between hedgehogs, foxes and echidnas — and which of Sonic the Hedgehog's friends has the most unique penis. In light of the feces eating, hedgehog-on-hedgehog violence and cartoon genitalia under discussion in the above video, let's call this...

30-day P90X program comes to Xbox Fitness for $59.99

Xbox Fitness users can now buy a monthlong P90X workout program for $59.99, publisher Microsoft Studios announced today. Released today, P90X for Xbox Fitness is a 30-day version of Tony Horton's P90X regimen, which is traditionally designed for a 90-day schedule. Some P90X workouts are already available in Xbox Fitness, but today's offering includes five routines that are exclusive to Xbox Fitness and are custom-built for Kinect. (Xbox Fitness requires Kinect; the devices tracks elements such as the player's exercise form and heart rate.) In mid-August, the P90X program for Xbox Fitness will be supplemented with a downloadable calendar and nutrition plan to help individuals on their way to getting in better shape. For reference, the basic P90X plan from Beachbody costs $119.85. Xbox...
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FIFA International Soccer had two of the best glitches in video game history

Early FIFA wasn't as polished as modern FIFA, which led to these wonderful, classic screw-ups. FIFA is a miraculous game franchise. Modern versions of the game have incredible graphics, and are realistic enough to captivate you for hours and days and months while video game-y enough to be fun. You can lose yourself in a dynasty mode, you can kill away days playing friends. They are crowning achievements of what sports video games can be. They were not always that way. FIFA International Soccer (sometimes called "FIFA 94") was the first edition of FIFA. It only had national teams, and these teams had fictional players. It was a pretty good effort for an early rendition of a video game, but we're not here to praise it. We're here to talk about two of the most fun glitches in video...

Here's a first look at Agent 47 in the upcoming movie 'Hitman: Agent 47'

The next proper Hitman game likely won't be out for a while, but in the meantime, 20th Century Fox is working on a film reboot, Hitman: Agent 47, and the company recently released the first images from the movie of Agent 47 himself. This time around, Rupert Friend (Homeland) stars as the bald, barcode-bearing, genetically engineered assassin. Friend replaced the late Paul Walker, who was originally cast as Agent 47 in the film when Fox announced the project in February 2013. Hitman: Agent 47 is a reboot — the first film based on IO Interactive's stealth franchise, 2007's Hitman, starred Timothy Olyphant (Justified) in the title role. During its panel at Comic-Con International 2014 this past weekend, 20th Century Fox debuted the first footage of Hitman: Agent 47. According to a S...

Tonight, a nation's favorite game will award a human prize

Tonight Andi Dorfman, the former Fulton County, Georgia Assistant District Attorney at the center of this season of The Bachelorette, who in the past few months has whittled down her male suitors from 25 to two, will make the final decision of who will be allowed to propose for her hand in marriage. Yes, the bachelorette chooses a man to propose to her, and yes the man can still be rejected, as happened in Season 2, when Jen Schefft turned down "winner" John Paul Merritt. Having endured plenty of these season finales, I'm comfortable assuring you tonight's episode will be morally questionable and highly watchable. Millions of people will tune in, but I'm bummed knowing the audience that can best appreciate this show's odd existence will miss out. The Bachelorette — the entire Bachelor...

The Sailor's Dream is the new game from the dev of indie hits Year Walk and Device 6

Simogo, the developer behind acclaimed mobile titles Device 6 and Year Walk, will release its next game, The Sailor's Dream, for iOS in 2014. The Sailor's Dream is the story of "the burning desires of three hearts united by the wonderful, but unmerciful ocean." According to Simogo, the game is a culmination of concepts learned from past work, and it shares DNA with Device 6 and Year Walk in terms of navigation and interaction. Players will work to piece together the larger story. "We want to tackle a more philanthropic story, and instead of creating a feeling of suspense, we want to communicate something that feels warmer, yet melancholic," the developer wrote. "We're throwing out some more traditional game challenge-elements; in fact, The Sailor's Dream won't feature any puzzles at...
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