The Last of Us review update: Remastered on PS4

The Last of Us was already one of the most visually impressive games of the last generation, so the necessity of "remastering" it for next-gen hardware is arguable. The results, however, are not. The Last of Us Remastered is a lovingly curated package. In addition to a graphically improved version of the core game that looks better, runs smoother and loads faster, Remastered contains a number of bonuses — most notably, the excellent Left Behind single-player DLC. While I would have loved an option to slot Left Behind into its place in the timeline while playing through the game, just having it included at all is a blessing. While this is a great package for anyone who hasn't played The Last of Us yet, it also includes some nice elements for people who are already hardcore fans. A...

Hearthstone: Naxxramas Overview

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  • Destiny's beta comparison video: PS4 versus Xbox One

  • The Crew closed beta - Overview video

  • Polygon goes to Poland


The next Mass Effect will see the return of the Mako, focus on exploration

BioWare's next Mass Effect game will see the return of the Mako, the all-terrain vehicle that players can pilot on the surface of planets. Players should expect to spend a good chunk of time with it, because the next game, BioWare said at San Diego Comic-Con, will have an emphasis on exploration. According to a recap of the panel from The Escapist, Mass Effect producer Mike Gamble said players will be able to customize their Mako to their liking, because they'll be spending a lot of time with it. He also said that BioWare has been investing time in making sure the vehicle "is as responsive as possible." BioWare also showed off a bit of character customization for human male and female armor options, but stressed that designs could change before the game arrives — which is apparently...

Battlefield Hardline's single-player tells the story of a good cop framed

Previously ... on Battlefield Hardline: Visceral Games' cop-drama take on Electronic Arts' military shooter franchise was delayed into 2015, mainly over concerns with the online multiplayer experience that just went through a beta in June. What does that mean for the game's single-player story? While extra time is always useful for polishing things, it sounds as though Battlefield Hardline wrapped shooting in May and the story is basically finished. Wendy Calhoun (writer and producer of Nashville, Justified and other TV series) is aboard as a narrative consultant to the story, bringing along Bill Johnson as performance director (whose editing credits include The West Wing, and also Justified). Battlefield Hardline will be the story of a cop who gets framed and goes underground to...

See lots of gameplay for The Legend of Korra in this 10-minute video

At Comic-Con this week, IGN got a look at everything Platinum Games has to offer with its upcoming adaptation of the Nickelodeon animated series The Legend of Korra. The Legend of Korra, which began its third season on June 27, is a successor to the Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Last Airbender. In the game, Korra starts off with her powers blocked by a mysterious enemy; she slowly regains them through the first playthrough. Succeeding playthroughs begin with Korra fully powered; each playthrough is estimated at 4 hours in length. The game will be available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with a turn-based strategy version coming for Nintendo 3DS as well.

'The police are superheroes' at a well behaved Comic-Con

Comic-Con attendees are "rule followers," and the worst it gets for law enforcement with this crowd of more than 100,000 is a couple of ticket scalpers, a San Diego police officer told The New York Times. "To them, the police are superheroes," Lt. Marshall White told The Times, in an article that contrasted the fictitious violence of comic books, video games and movies with a nonviolent celebration of it all, in a place that needs (and enforces) a fake weapons policy. The Times tours the usual back-and-forth of whether this media is causally linked to violent crime, but for those who've heard enough of that, it's interesting mostly to read how well behaved a throng of 130,000 people can be. "We caught two ticket scalpers," Lt. White said about crime at last year's con, and a Superman...

Addressing rumors of financial crisis, Crytek says it is now on solid footing

Crytek, whose financial health recently has been the subject of rumors of unpaid workers and the departures of key developers, has issued a statement broadly asserting the company is on solid financial footing following a turbulent change in corporate focus. "Our evolution from a development studio to an online publisher has required us to refocus our strategies," the company said in a statement provided to Polygon. "These challenges go along with an increased demand for capital, which we have secured." Crytek acknowledged that "the flow of information to employees has not been as good as it should have," but chalked that up to being unable to publicly discuss plans that were in the works. Earlier published reports, citing anonymous sources within Crytek, spoke of missed payroll,...

Cliff Bar: Gears of War creator opens watering hole

Cliff Bleszinski has just launched a new project, and it's not a video game. It's a bar. The Gears of War creator, who earlier this month announced he was developing a free-to-play shooter codenamed Project Bluestreak, has also opened a watering hole called The Station in Raleigh, N.C., his home for the past 16 years. Bleszinski told Men's Journal that games development helped him understand how bars and restaurants can be run efficiently. "I realized everything is just systems," Bleszinski said, recalling a dining experience in New York. "The video game is systems that are operating together that the player manipulates. One thing I've learned about the restaurant business is to keep an eye on your ticket times and keep an eye on your customers. Make sure they're happy. If...

Hulk, Tinkerbell and a flying bed make Disney Infinity's 'Toy Box' a whole lot weirder

Disney Infinity 2.0 may still be seen as a kids' game, primarily — but it will also let you put Tinkerbell and The Incredible Hulk in bed together. "That's the bed from Bedknobs and Broomsticks," said John Vignocchi, the game's executive producer, just so we were both clear. It's a vehicle, OK, in Disney Infinity's "Toy Box" mode, where gamers take all of their virtual toys and play with them together, regardless of what continuity or movie or product line they come from. (Bedknobs and Broomsticks was a Mary Poppins clone from 1971 starring Angela Lansbury. It featured a flying bed.) Disney Infinity is the latest money-printer in the toys-to-life genre, in which players bring heroes and other characters into the game by stacking a cool little figurine on a special controller. With...
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The Walking Dead video game is coming back for a third season

Telltale Games' The Walking Dead episodic video game is coming back for a third season, Telltale president Kevin Bruner and The Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con today. Release date and story details on The Walking Dead Season 3 weren't divulged, but considering that the game's second season is still incomplete, it's unlikely we'll see it anytime soon. Telltale Games also has Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands on its plate. The Walking Dead Season 2's fourth episode, "Amid the Ruins," was released earlier this week. Read our review of the season's penultimate chapter here.

GameStop says less than half of its customers know they can trade in games

Most - as in more than half - of those who shop at GameStop don't know they can trade in their games for store credit or cash. Let that one sink in. Tony Bartel, the mega-retailer's president, said this to VentureBeat yesterday. "Believe it or not, only 40 percent of the people who walk into a GameStop store today know that we accept trades of games," he said. It seems bizarre given hardcore gaming's love-hate relationship with the chain, both using old games (or ones no longer wanted) as a form of currency put toward buying new ones, and resenting the markup then applied to those used games. More evidence that hardcore gamers are not the majority of an enormously diverse constituency, even if their tastes drive a lot of the decisions in the console business. Bartel said GameStop...

Destiny's beta goes to the moon (Update)

Those who have Destiny's beta might want to hop on between now and 7 pm ET — Bungie just opened up a playable moon level for the first time. (Update:) The special mission is now over, but here's video of what it looked like for those who missed it. "For this one, you'll be glad you scrounged that jump drive from the wastes of the Cosmodrome," Bungie wrote in its Weekly Update. You don't need us to tell you where you're headed. We've marked it on the map since the moment when the Beta Build became a secret whispered about by only our friends and family. This new destination will be open to you for two hours." Those who played the lunar mission will unlock a special emblem for their Guardian when the full game launches.

First footage of the 'Warcraft' movie is 10 seconds of its logo

Warcraft movie director Duncan Jones and Legendary Pictures brought a brief teaser of the forthcoming fantasy film to San Diego Comic-Con today, but that footage will likely remain exclusive to attendees of the con for the foreseeable future. Comic-Con attendees were treated to a look at the two sides of the Warcraft conflict, the Alliance and Horde, and the respective heroes for each faction, the human Lothar and the orc Durotan. The Warcraft movie will focus on the orcs versus humans conflict, and serve as an origin story for Blizzard's Warcraft universe. Publicly, Legendary released an animated look at the movie's logo — but that's it. So don't be too disappointed when you press play on the 10 second-long YouTube teaser that the studio released today. At last year's Comic-Con,...

Mobile brawler Marvel Contest of Champions coming this fall

Mobile games company Kabam has thrown its hat into the ring of Marvel Comics-based games with Marvel Contest of Champions, a new title slated to hit mobile platforms later this year, the company announced today during San Diego Comic-Con today. This "high action, high fidelity" title, according to a statement from Kabam, is a super hero combat game that will have players choose a hero and fight their way through a gauntlet of iconic Marvel Comics locations. Players will come up against well-known marvel heroes and villains and assemble their own ultimate team of justice-dealing champions. The game is being penned by comic book writer Sam Humphries, known for his work on Marvel's John Carter: The Gods of Mars series and the Ultimate Comics Ultimates. Check out the trailer above for a...

Marvel is adding more Guardians of the Galaxy content to its games (Update)

In addition to a dedicated playset in Disney Infinity, Marvel is spreading Guardians of the Galaxy content across a handful of its other games, including Marvel Heroes and its social and mobile games, the company announced during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con today. (Update:) Additionally, in a surprise announcement, Marvel said a playable Green Goblin, Loki and more would join Disney Infinity 2.0 in a special Marvel Villains figurine set. The trailer for that set will be released on Monday. Villains had been seen in the original trailer announcing Marvel would join Disney Infinity's lineup, this confirms them as a separate set. Just in time for the launch of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy film in theaters on Aug. 1, free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes 2015 will allow players to join...

NES Remix collection coming to Wii U this holiday

NES Remix Pack, a disc-based release featuring NES Remix and NES Remix 2, is coming to retail in North America later this year, Nintendo announced today on its Comic-Con livestream. The NES Remix titles are a collection of 8-bit games that modify and mash-up Nintendo Entertainment System games like Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Punch-Out!! and more. Super Luigi Bros., a mirrored version of the original Super Mario Bros., is also part of NES Remix 2. Both NES Remix titles were first released digitally through the Wii U eShop. For more, read Polygon's reviews of NES Remix and NES Remix 2.

Wii version of Skylanders Trap Team bundled with Wii U download code

The Wii version of Skylanders Trap Team will include a download code for the Wii U version, effectively creating a cross-buy benefit for the toys-to-life game coming soon from Activision. Skylanders' official Twitter feed pointed out the bonus on Wednesday, meaning that those who buy the game on Wii won't have to buy a new set (at $75) if they upgrade to Wii U. Those who have both consoles may wish to consider this even if the Wii U will be the primary option. Only the software is different; the physical toys and the portal they use are the same for both consoles. Skylanders Trap Team launches Oct. 5 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One and 3DS. There will be a "Dark Edition" collectors pack that allows players to play as the series' main villain, Portal...
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Watch the entire Halo: Nightfall panel from Comic-Con

If you didn't make the journey to San Diego for Comic-Con International this week, but deeply care about the fiction of Halo, you can still catch everything Halo: Nightfall-related from the con. Panelists at the Halo: Nightfall panel included 343 Industries executive producer Kiki Wolfkill, franchise development director Frank O'Connor, Scott Free Productions president David Zucker and two of the stars of Halo: Nightfall, Mike Colter and Christina Chong. With the assistance of moderator Geoff Keighley, they dive into the background of Nightfall and its ties to Xbox One game Halo 5: Guardians. During the panel, 343 Industries unveiled the first footage of Halo: Nightfall, which you can watch here.

Sony Gamescom site outs Journey, The Unfinished Swan and Until Dawn for PS4

In a listing since taken down, Sony's official Gamescom site said that Journey, The Unfinished Swan and Until Dawn all are coming to PlayStation 4. The list of playable titles at the expo in Germany next month was posted by a NeoGAF user before Sony stripped them out. The list appears to confirm earlier rumors that all three were good candidates for Sony's latest console. In March, rumors had it that Until Dawn was no longer in development for PlayStation 3 (with Move support) and that developing studio Supermassive Games was working on bringing it to the newly announced Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PS4. Nothing has been said so far about The Unfinished Swan or Journey coming to PS4, though bringing two acclaimed indie games to the platform is not a farfetched...
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