A lightning tour of Infamous: First Light's scaled-down scope

It was less than six months ago that I was running through the streets of Seattle, blasting evil soldiers with superpowers in Infamous: Second Son. Now Sucker Punch is back with a stand-alone, downloadable add-on and a new playable character. Join Griffin McElroy and I for a quick look at what's new in Infamous: First Light. We check out the tinier, slightly different city, the new battle arena and more. You can also check out my review of Infamous: Second Son. A full review of First Light will be coming later this week.

Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King Overview

  • Spacecom: a fast 4X built for multiplayer

  • Pillars of Eternity builds on role-playing classics

  • Tour the 1 KB hard drive built inside Minecraft

  • Diablo 3 - Xbox One vs. PC comparison


Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King - A spoiler-free guide

Having a hard time with Dark Souls 2's latest piece of DLC? We do not blame you.In an attempt to help guide you through Crown of the Old Iron King without completely ruining the surprises lying in wait, we present the series of videos below, which showcase where to find the bonfires, doors and bosses included. There's no information on the bosses or treasures waiting for you in the new content — just some much-needed directions toward this new chapter's main points of interest. Finding the entrance to Crown of the Old Iron King Finding the Second Bonfire Finding the Third Bonfire Finding the Scorching Iron Scepter Finding the Final Boss Finding the Tower Key and First Optional Boss Finding the Second Optional...

What's exclusive to the PlayStation versions of Destiny?

Bungie's Destiny is a multiplatform game, but the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of the game are home to a handful of exclusives coming first to Sony platforms. In a new video released by Activision and Bungie, the publisher and developer lay out what PS3 and PS4 players will get access to first. The PlayStation exclusives highlighted in the above video include the Exodus Blue competitive multiplayer map and a strike — a cooperative game mode in Destiny — set on Mars named Dust Palace. There's also a trio of rare, class-specific gear sets: Vanir for the Titan, Argus for the Hunter and Manifold for the Warlock. Two weapons, the Monte Carlo exotic auto rifle and Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon, are also PlayStation exclusives. More details on those items are available at the...

Amazon and Twitch are the competitors YouTube needs

It's been a hell of a summer for Twitch.Reports that the game streaming giant was being bought by Google first surfaced back in May. By the end of last month, many were considering it a done deal. Then, out of nowhere, rumors hit this week that the Google deal had fallen through and Amazon, of all places, would actually be acquiring Twitch. Those initial reports were quickly confirmed via an official announcement. I'm sure it's been as tumultuous a roller coaster ride inside Twitch as it appears from the outside. But the good news is this: With the Amazon buyout, all of us got the best possible outcome. [image via @Julia_CaSsian] The Google problem Before I get into why I think Amazon is going to make for a great partner with Twitch, let me explain why I was so cynical...

Help us choose the best reader-designed Sunset Overdrive character

It's finally time to share the results of our Be a Designer on Sunset Overdrive Contest! We had dozens of submissions, ranging from the confident (hey, guy who sent a selfie) to the incredible. See below for our eleven finalists!Here's how it works: We asked you to create a design for your dream Sunset Overdrive outfit and send it our way with a brief description. We narrowed your submissions down to 11 finalists, presented below, to be voted on by Polygon readers. The creator of the most popular design will be flown to Burbank. They'll be welcomed to Insomniac's HQ to help bring their design into the game, where it'll be made available as DLC post-launch. Some of the best submissions presented serious technical challenges, but both Insomniac and Polygon wanted to acknowledge their...

'Doctor Who' is coming to Minecraft on Xbox 360

The Twelfth Doctor, five of his colleagues, their companions and those treacherous Daleks are part of a Doctor Who-themed pack of avatars coming to Minecraft's Xbox 360 Edition beginning in September. BBC Worldwide, Microsoft and Mojang, the makers of Minecraft, reached an agreement to deliver multiple Doctor Who-themed skin packs to the game, releasing after the broadcast episodes of the upcoming Series 8. The first pack costs $2.99 (£1.99, €2.85 and AU$2.95) and will include a character inspired by the Twelfth Doctor, plus five other Doctors, their on-screen companions, and the Daleks. Subsequent releases will bring other characters from the past 50 years of the television series. Each will feature at least six Doctors.

Nintendo finally solves the problem of everyone wanting to play Yoshi

The brutal battles over who gets to be Yoshi in Mario Kart are done, thanks to new color palette swaps in Mario Kart 8. YouTube user gameonion uploaded a video of the eight new color palette swaps for Yoshi and Shy Guy — including pink, blue and orange — that you can watch above. The new colors are available immediately to players who pre-order both of the game's upcoming DLC packs, which incorporate non-Mario universe characters into the main series of the kart-racing franchise for the first time ever. In November, players can download a pack that adds The Legend of Zelda's Link, cat-suit Peach and Tanooki-suit Mario. The second pack, due in May 2015, includes Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the skeletal Dry Bowser and the Animal Crossing villager. Both DLC packs, priced at...

Check out Metro 2033's Redux-ed facelift

Actually, Metro 2033's improved Redux version is less like a facelift, and more like a full-body transplant.The original title in 4A Games' post-apocalyptic shooter has been completely redone in the developer's 4A Engine, enhancing the game's graphics, performance, level size and mechanics. Check out a few clips of gameplay from Metro 2033 Redux above to get an idea of what's been nipped, and what's been tucked.
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Escape Dead Island is really bloody…

Fountains of the stuff gush and spray across this trailer, which is designed to show the third-person shooter's distinctive art style, its basic story and, well, its propensity for visual extravagance. Due to be released on Nov. 10 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC, the Deep Silver melee-and-blast game seeks to tell the story of Dead Island's zombie-outbreak origins. Escape Dead Island is set after the events of the original Dead Island. The player's character arrives on the island weeks after the initial virus outbreak that turned everyone into zombies. He and his friends are tasked with finding out what happened.
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Spacecom is 4X strategy, but fast and made for multiplayer

Space strategy games, often referred to as 4X games, can be extremely satisfying. But they can also take weeks out of your life. Not so with Spacecom. The upcoming PC game thrives on multiplayer, meaning that up to six players can duke it out in the hard vacuum of space in under an hour. The game is also clearly designed with tablet play in mind. Ben Kuchera joins Charlie Hall for an Overview. If you like what you see, grab one of the beta codes in the comments below and keep an eye out for another batch, coming to Polygon's Facebook page later today. The team at Spacecom is also running a tournament at this time.

Destiny will pre-load on Xbox One (update)

Xbox One owners will be able to pre-order and pre-load Bungie's Destiny before the game officially launches on Sept. 9, according to an listing for the Destiny Digital Guardian Edition that has since been pulled. Pre-orders and pre-loads are currently unavailable, the page said before it was taken offline. But the Destiny listing indicated that the game would unlock on its release date at 12:01 am PT/3:01 am ET. The file size of Destiny's Xbox One download was not specified. We've reached out to Microsoft and Activision to confirm Destiny pre-loading on Xbox One. Microsoft announced at Gamescom earlier this month that game pre-loading was coming to Xbox One in September with the arrival of FIFA 15 and Forza Horizon 2. But publisher Electronic Arts was actually the first to...

Here are the free games for PlayStation Plus in September

Sportsfriends and the PlayStation Vita debut of Joe Danger lead the lineup of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in September, Sony announced today. As usual, all six titles will be available free as of the first Tuesday of the month, Sept. 2. PlayStation 4 owners will be able to get FuturLab's Velocity 2X and Die Gute Fabrik's Sportsfriends for free. Velocity 2X includes cross-buy support with its PS Vita version, and customers who download Sportsfriends on PlayStation 3 will also receive the PS4 version at no additional cost. The two free titles for PS3 owners are PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale from SuperBot Entertainment and Hoard from Big Sandwich Games. PlayStation All-Stars is a cross-buy title, so PSN users can also pick up the PS Vita version. And on PS Vita,...

Mega Man X4, X5 coming to PlayStation Store as PSOne Classics

Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X5, two PlayStation games that debuted in 1997 and 2000, respectively, will come back in September as PSOne Classics on the PlayStation Store, Capcom said today. Mega Man X4 arrives Sept. 2 and Mega Man X5 hits Sept. 9. Both will be available on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita Stores, where other Mega Man titles, like Mega Man 9 and 10, the original Mega Man through Mega Man 4 and Maverick Hunter X also are available. Capcom's put six games from the Mega Man back catalog on the Nintendo 3DS eShop back in May.

Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer trailer has four times the upgrade trees

Dragon Age: Inquisition developer BioWare announced the game's four-player cooperative multiplayer mode yesterday, and publisher Electronic Arts released a trailer today to show off the dungeon-crawling action within. The mode is entirely separate from Inquisition's single-player story mode. Co-op partners can choose from 12 characters at the game's launch, and will complete quests in which they take down enemies, collect loot, craft items and earn gold. Progressing through the mode will unlock characters, weapons, armor, potions and more, and everything can be acquired by spending in-game gold, although players will also have the option of spending real money on in-game currency. None of the unlockable items will carry over to the story mode. Dragon Age: Inquisition is set for...

In loving memory of video games

I'm working from my parents' home this week in the suburbs of Kansas City. The space is familiar, even though I haven't lived here for a decade. I find a bowl of grapes for a snack in the fridge. I taste the vanilla candles if I inhale. And if I look anywhere for more than a moment, I spot — hidden beneath a couch, tucked inside a drawer or concealed behind the hangers — a video game. I find a dusty stack of Game Boy cartridges on my old headboard; my Game Boy Color, painted by younger me in acrylic paint, iS under the guest bed, the buttons still sticky; a collection of "rare" PlayStation games sits in the entertainment center; there is a pile of now-defunct game magazines on the corner table. My sock drawer is full of socks that no longer fit, but beneath them is an instruction...

Xbox One Kinect available by itself this October for $149.99

Microsoft will release a stand-alone Xbox One Kinect on Oct. 7 for $149.99, the company announced today. The package will include a copy of Dance Central Spotlight, which launches Sept. 2 for $9.99. The game comes with 10 songs; customers can purchase additional downloadable tracks and import music from previous Dance Central titles. The second-generation Kinect for Windows was released last month for $199. Must Read From integral to add-on: The troubled journey of Xbox One's Kinect Microsoft launched the Xbox One last November for $499 with a Kinect in the box. In June, the company unbundled the Kinect from the console and began selling the system itself for $399. At the time, Microsoft said it would release a stand-alone Kinect sensor this fall. Last month, the...

Breach & Clear: Deadline is PC exclusive and full of zombies

The next iteration of Breach & Clear will be PC exclusive. Called Breach & Clear: Deadine, the top-down tactical shooter will introduce zombies, hero units and other additional features while making the shift from turn-based to real-time action. Breach & Clear began life as a strategy game on iOS. Since then it's moved to PC through Steam's Greenlight platform. The game is a collaboration between Mighty Rabbit and Kentucky-based Gun Media, which was founded by Wes Keltner. Deadline will be published by Gambitious and Devolver Digital. Keltner says that the original Breach & Clear app launched in the number two slot on iOS and has since gained half a million players. The behind-the-scenes video features alpha footage, as well as a conversation with the game's composer. Last year...
14 Comments launching DRM-free film initiative with 20 gaming-focused documentaries

Online digital game retailer is extending its DRM-free philosophy to movies, kicking off the initiative today with 20 documentaries focused on video games and gaming culture.'s new DRM-free Movie section will launch with a handful of world premieres — documentaries including The King of Arcades, Gamer Age and Pixel Poetry — as well as award-winning films like Indie Game: The Movie. Two titles, Art of Playing and TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard, will be available for free. All movies can be downloaded or streamed for viewing, and is promising the addition of more titles every week. According to a statement from GOG, the company is now aiming to bring major Hollywood studios on board and add their movies to the DRM-free catalog. But most studios, said...

Forza Horizon 2 offers Xbox One demo on Sept. 16

Forza Horizon 2 will provide a demo on Xbox One on Sept. 16, two weeks ahead of the open-world racer's Sept. 30 launch, Microsoft said this morning. The announcement did not provide details of what events or how many cars would be in the demo. Nor does it sound like any demo is planned for Xbox 360; Forza Horizon 2 launches for it on the same day. Playground Games, which is developing the Xbox One version, said the two versions are "different games inspired by the same ideas." The announcement includes a list of 60 achievements, which gives hints about the locations drivers will visit in the game. Forza Horizon 2 is set in southern Europe. For more, see Polygon's preview of the game from E3 2014.
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