The Nic Cage-led Superman movie was delightfully bizarre, and doomed

Movies are much like video games in that studios often spend a large amount of money on projects that may seem promising but never see the light of day. There was once a Superman film, starring Nic Cage, written by Kevin Smith, and directed by Tim Burton that seemed to make it at least moderately far in pre-production before it was canned. The documentary The Death of Superman Lives takes a look at the doomed production, and the film's first trailer is amazing, featuring camera tests with a strange-looking Nic Cage, a Superman suit that included plastic armor and a strange lightning effect. The whole thing seems deeply, deeply bizarre. The movie went through many changes and different artists and writers took a crack at the project, so it's a little misleading to think of the...

Hearthstone: Naxxramas Overview

  • Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty - Overview video

  • Destiny's beta comparison video: PS4 versus Xbox One

  • The Crew closed beta - Overview video

  • Polygon goes to Poland


No, Facebook won't control the games you create using the Rift

The second-generation development kits for the Oculus Rift have begun shipping, and developers found a rather troubling piece of legalese in the documentation. "You may use the headset to develop commercial software intended solely for use with the headset, provided that you may only distribute such software via distribution channels that have been approved by Oculus in writing," the licensing portion of the manual stated. This was bad news; no one wants to be told what they can and can't do with the games they create, especially not by a company that has been acquired by Facebook. The issue was quickly cleared up. "That line is from a pre-announcement hardware/software license that was only meant to be distributed to a few very close business partners," Oculus founder Palmer Luckey...

A guided video tour of an Unreal Tournament map

Yesterday, we posted about Epic’s streamed reveal of brand new concept art for it's new Unreal Tournament. There was a lot of discussion and detail — 47 minutes worth of detail. We've cut out everything but the visual portion of the stream, so you can focus entirely on the environmental walkthrough. And here are the four juiciest bits from the walkthrough itself. Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are from Art Director Chris Perna. "The sci-fi industrial look" "This, in my mind, kind of represents the sci-fi industrial look. We can go grimier with this. But when we talk about visual clarity, and things like that, I think this kind of hits that mark." "Epic's creative process" "You start with a map that’s just kind of the basic shell, and we just focus on the gameplay....

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will now launch one week earlier

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will now launch one week earlier than initially announced, developer Monolith Productions announced today. The PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions will launch on Sept. 30, while the Windows PC and Steam versions will be available later that week on Oct. 2. According to a statement by publisher Warner Bros., the decision to bump up the release date was based on "hearing fans' excitement." Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, originally slated to launch on Oct. 7, is set in J.R.R. Tolkien's iconic fantasy world and features a storyline set chronologically between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Players follow Talion, a slain Ranger who has been resurrected by a mysterious Wraith that shares Talion's desire for revenge...

What is BioWare teasing in this surreal new trailer?

BioWare has released a teaser video today for what appears to be its new and yet-to-be-announced IP. The cover image for this YouTube upload, which was sent in an email to fans, has been saved under the name "ShadowRealms_Teaser_Video" which could suggest the game's title. It's worth noting that earlier this year the company filed a trademark for something called Shadow Realms. The 40-second long teaser shows little more than a man running down an alley and later attempt to break into a car that his doppelganger is already driving. The teaser cuts to a number of surreal scenes including a man in a suit with smoke for a face. More information about this mystery title is expected to come at this year's Gamescom in August.

Here is why you probably won't get into the LittleBigPlanet 3 private beta this August

An upcoming LittleBigPlanet 3 private beta is scheduled to begin this August, but Sony warns that access to it will be tough. The company has already selected a number of community creators from fansite LBPCentral to participate in the limited test, promising that those chosen will receive invites in the coming weeks. "Please be aware that space for this private beta is incredibly limited and only a small number of you will actually receive an invitation, however we thought it would be better than you hear about this private beta directly from us than just through the grapevine," wrote LittleBigPlanet community manager Steven Isbell. "So please don't be discouraged if you didn't get chosen this time around... We still have plenty of news to share with everyone between now and...

Optimus Prime is no longer just a truck, he's a PlayStation

Toymaker Takara Tomy is re-imagining Optimus Prime as a heroic robot that transforms into the original PlayStation for a new toy that will release next year. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Takara Tomy announced the "Optimus Prime featuring Original PlayStation" today as part of a dual anniversary celebration: 2014 marks the 30 year anniversary of Transformers and the 20 year anniversary of the PlayStation brand. Takara Tomy has another Transformer based on a video game console in the works. The toymaker will release the Mega Drive Megatron, a Sega Genesis that transforms into Optimus Prime's Decepticon nemesis, later this year. The PlayStation Optimus Prime is due for release in early 2015. Takara Tomy will also release a series of 1/6 scale toys based on the lineup of...

Skylanders launching more powerful premium figures this fall

This fall, Activision will launch Skylanders Eon's Elite, a premium toy line featuring eight new collectible figurines of the franchise's most beloved heroes, the company announced at San Diego Comic-Con today. The line will launch with two figurines, Spyro (above) and Chop Chop (below), with the remaining six Eon's Elite figures to be picked from the roster of the game that started it all, the original 2011 Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. In the lore of the Skylanders universe, these eight heroes have been selected for their "undaunted courage and commitment" in defending the Skylands for immortalization in special metallic figures with new decorations and a gold base. The Eon's Elite figures will also be up to three times more powerful in-game than typical Skylanders, the biggest...

Two Ubisoft developers watched a goat sacrifice while researching Far Cry 4

Two Ubisoft developers journeyed to Nepal to research the inspiration for Kyrat, the fictitious Himalayan setting for Far Cry 4, and while there they ended up observing the ritual sacrifice of a goat. The scene plays out in this, part one of a documentary filmed by Vice Media and shown at a Far Cry 4 panel at Comic-Con 2014. It happens off camera at 4:05 but it might make some uncomfortable. Mark Thompson, the game's narrative director, and Phil Fournier, the associate producer, made the journey with Vice's Krishna Andavolu. (Vice and Ubisoft also collaborated on a pirate-history documentary to promote Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.) When they arrived in Kathmandu, they caught a rumor there was to be an animal sacrifice, and they found the event. It was a sacrifice of thanks a man...
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Destiny beta now open, no codes needed

Bungie has just announced that the Destiny beta is now available to everyone with an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus membership. If you were holding out — or never part of the lucky few with a beta code — now's your chance to shoot or be shot in Bungie's newest sci-fi universe. If you're debating which console to check in for the beta, let this handy comparison video be your guide. The beta is set to run until Sunday night. Destiny launches Sept. 9, and you can check out gameplay footage from the beta below.

Far Cry 4's director details how its free multiplayer trial will work

The creative director for Far Cry 4 explained how the game will let those who don't own the game participate for free in co-operative multiplayer with a friend who does. Originally discussed at E3, Far Cry 4 will give buyers of the game 10 codes to give to friends. That downloads enough of the game to play online in Far Cry 4's open world with the friend (but not in campaign missions). Asked how long the code would last, Alex Hutchinson didn't give the Comic-Con 2014 panel a specific timespan, but it will depend on the friend who owns the game being online. "The inspiration came from the Super Nintendo days, and the way you tried out games then was to go to a buddy's house and sit on his couch and play," Hutchinson said. "How long you got to play depended on how long his mom let you...

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will include a Tomodachi Life stage

The Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. will feature an exclusive stage from quirky sim Tomodachi Life, game director Masahiro Sakurai announced via Miiverse. Sakurai posted the following photo and explained that the front walls of the apartment will disappear, allowing players to see the area when a fighter overlaps with the room. "The rooms are randomly placed and selected from among several types," he wrote. "Planting an X Bomb behind a wall might be an effective tactic." Sakurai added that players could encounter Mii characters in different rooms. "The Mii characters are taken from the data in your 3DS system, so you could find your friends living in the apartments," he wrote. Super Smash Bros. launches for Nintendo 3DS Oct. 3. The Wii U version of the game will be...

The Room, with enhanced decor, coming to PC next week

"You are tearing me apart, Li — Oh no, this is that other The Room, the puzzler that's one of the very best titles on iOS. Developer Fireproof Games announced that the titular chamber is coming to PC via Steam on July 28th. No price has been announced at this time. More tantalizingly, this is a souped-up version of the iOS release with new high-definition textures, almost all of which have been built from the ground up for this port. Just how much better does it look? Check out the split-screen demonstration below.

Tour the next great Metroidvania with its developer

Bodie Lee has had an idea since he was a child — a strange, fantasy world where playing with time is just a part of every day life. Now Lee is bringing that idea into reality in the form of a gorgeous, exploration-heavy action-adventure game.Lee joined me to record a playthrough of his demo for Timespinner, which you can watch above. While the game is far from done — he's currently aiming for a November 2015 release — Lee already has the basics of gameplay down and a strong art style as demonstrated in the demo. If you like what you see, you can check out the Timespinner Kickstarter, which has just over a day left until completion.

Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty - Overview video

Many, many Mudokons died to bring you this Overview video.I mean, it's not really our fault; in Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty, those little guys are squirreled away all over the place. Also, if they step on one landmine, they're toast. Drop one crate on 'em, and they're goo. Shoot them just a few times with a possessed enemy, and they drop like a sack of bricks. It's like, come on, Mudokons! It's like you're not even trying to get rescued. To see our absolute failure as saviors in action, check out the Overview video posted above.

League of Legends team says it's working to add more diversity to its women champions

Riot Games says it's working to add more diversity and body types to its lineup of women champions in League of Legends, and the result of that work will be seen soon in an upcoming character. League of Legends producer Omar Kendall, responding to a fan request for other body types in the game's women, said at Comic-Con that Riot has been implementing "new strategies for what our champions look like." That includes body type, body shape, he said, and answering the question "how can we make [a champion] that's not like all these other guys?" The vast majority of League of Legends' champions who are women fit the same physical mold: slim, athletic and busty. The game's male champions show a more varied range of body types. Kendall said Riot is currently working on a champion who's...

Report: Google to acquire Twitch for $1 billion

Google is buying streaming video network Twitch for $1 billion, according to a GamesBeat report citing "sources familiar with the matter." GamesBeat's story today echoes a previous report from Variety, which said this past May that the acquisition was taking place. However, the Wall Street Journal reported at the time that the discussions between Google and Twitch were "at an early stage." Twitch, which was launched in 2011 by co-founders Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, is the internet's foremost destination for livestreams of video games, including eSports titles. According to Twitch, more than 50 million people watch video on the service every month. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One allow users to broadcast gameplay directly to Twitch and other sites, and Twitch users can...

Sigourney Weaver and Alien cast talks old movie, new game

The team at Creative Assembly sure knows how to get Alien fans whipped into a frenzy. In this new trailer for the upcoming Alien: Isolation, the original cast of Alien chats about making the new game and shares memories from 35-plus years ago, on the set of the original film. It’s savvy marketing. There’s a powerful hit of nostalgia that comes from watching Sigourney Weaver (Ripley, duh) talking about the appeal of the Alien Universe. There’s also just something charming about Harry Dean Stanton exclaiming "Jesus Christ!" when he’s told it’s been 35 years since the release of the film. That’s so Brett. The original actors (minus Ian Holm) have reprised their roles for Alien Isolation’s Crew Expendable DLC, which will be available as a pre-order bonus for Gamestop customers, or...

What would The Avengers movie look like as an arcade game?

The Avengers are still just as deadly — albeit more endearing — as old-school arcade characters in the latest 8-Bit Cinema video from CineFix. In this reimagining, the gang assembles to battle evil in the style of retro games. Iron Man, Thor and Captain America get entangled in a three-way tussle, while Black Widow outruns the Hulk and throttles Hawkeye in scenes taken from The Avengers film. Check out the video above to see the team in action. For more of CineFix's arcade game transformations — which include titles such as Pulp Fiction, Finding Nemo and Happy Gilmore — check out its YouTube channel.
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