Sonic fan art expert rates the pornographic potential for Sonic Boom cast

Content warning: graphic descriptions of Sonic characters in fan-created sexual escapades follow. You've been warned. Tumblr user and Bad Sonic Fan Art curator MykonosFan has a difficult job. He has to scour the internet, looking for the best-worst pieces of fan art the Sonic fan community can muster, and post them for the world to see. There are entire worlds of bad fan art, but for some reason, Sonic's fans make some of the most... colorful. A great deal of the art MykonosFan is exposed to is erotic in nature — often in very creative ways. "The way I see my role, I guess, is that plenty of people find this stuff funny," he told me by email. "Whether it's bad art, bad spelling, Shadow fingering Sonic, or just the rare masterpiece that triggers the 'Oh. Oh my. What on earth...

Hearthstone - Plague Quarter gameplay video

  • A guided video tour of an Unreal Tournament map

  • Freedom Planet gameplay video

  • Adventure Time trailer

  • Hearthstone: Naxxramas Overview


X-Men, Pacific Rim and virtual tornadoes: How Hollywood used Oculus Rift at Comic-Con

At San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, attendees could pilot a mech from Pacific Rim, explore the mind of the X-Men's telepathic leader Charles Xavier, be decapitated by the Headless Horseman and be swept away by a tornado. It was all thanks to the Oculus Rift, which brought big (virtual) experiences to small spaces in a cramped convention hall.While video game companies like Ubisoft went the opposite direction, building real-world recreations of Assassin's Creed in the form of an obstacle course that mimicked the game's parkour-style traversal, Hollywood studios turned to virtual reality to dazzle Comic-Con attendees. Legendary Pictures, which showed trailers for Duncan Jones' Warcraft and Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak, created its VR experience exclusively for Comic-Con. In a...

How to lose a game of Stronghold Crusader 2

Here's a secret about your old pal Phil Kollar that you may not know: I was not built to be king. As though to perfectly illustrate that point, the folks at Firefly Studios sent me an early beta build of Stronghold Crusader 2, the upcoming strategy-slash-castle builder. The game's lead designer, Simon Bradbury, joined me to help out, but can even he lead me out of the fires of defeat? Watch the video above to find out. Stronghold Crusader 2 will be released for Windows PCs on September 2, 2014.

This fan-made Super Smash Bros. trailer is amazing ... and a little creepy

Equal parts intriguing and creepy, this fan-made trailer for Super Smash Bros. stars Nintendo's iconic Mario making his way through the streets of the real Tokyo on his way to a race. Creator Dean Wright said it took him about a month to create the mash-up.

Rogue Legacy - Overview video

Still wondering whether you should jump on the Rogue Legacy bandwagon? Hopefully this episode of Overview will help you decide. Griffin McElroy and Russ Frushtick attempt to delve into the dangerous halls of Rogue Legacy, which mashes Castlevania with Metroid with a Roguelike. It is a fine stew indeed.

Is your connection good enough for PlayStation Now?

The company line from Sony is that players need a minimum of 5 mbps to stream games from PlayStation Now. But we've had varying degrees of success even on the same connection. So we wanted to put the question to you: Have you been able to stream successfully from PlayStation Now? Today's the first day of the streaming platform's open beta on the PS4, so this could just be a case of a rush of first-time users gumming up the works. But with real money being charged for games, we figure it's worth finding out how well PlayStation Now is performing. Haven't tried it yet? Here's a video walkthrough of exactly what you can expect.

Rayman creator Michel Ancel leading new indie studio Wild Sheep, will stay at Ubisoft (update)

Renowned game designer Michel Ancel is one of the co-founders of Wild Sheep Studio, a new independent developer, and he will continue in his current role at Ubisoft while working at Wild Sheep, the latter company announced today. Wild Sheep Studio is based in Montpellier, France — the same location of Ancel's longtime home, Ubisoft Montpellier. According to a press release from Wild Sheep, Ancel is working there with "a team of experienced developers" on an original game. The studio gave no further details, but released the team photo above, which features 13 individuals (Ancel is in the center, wearing the partially buttoned shirt). Ancel has spent nearly 25 years at Ubisoft. Reached for comment, a Ubisoft representative sent Polygon a statement from Xavier Poix, managing director of...

PlayStation Now rentals cost $2.99 for four hours' play, but everything could be changing

The PlayStation Now public beta for the PlayStation 4 kicks off on July 31, but the prices you'll see in the store are absolutely not locked in stone.They're one of the many things that Sony hopes to experiment with during the beta as it feels out what people are looking for and how much they'll pay for it, said Jack Buser, senior director of PlayStation Now. "We are going to be going into open beta on PS4 specifically for the rental aspect of the service," he said. "These are the early days, so we're always listening to feedback. Over time, new content and a lot of other changes will be based on feedback and usage we'll see in the beta." Already, the closed beta for the Gaikai-based video game streaming service has helped shape some of the service and what people will see when it's...

Call of Duty: Ghosts' latest map pack lets you kill with mine carts, extreme Canadian weather

Nemesis, the fourth and final downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts, launches Aug. 5 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, giving players all-new ways to kill each other in multiplayer. From mine carts to evil Canadian blizzards to vertical take off fighter jets, there's no shortage of fresh opportunities for virtual killing. Included in Nemesis are the maps Dynasty, Showtime, Subzero and Goldrush. Dynasty is a hectic small to medium-sized map, according to Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin, set in a Chinese lakeside village. It has a map-specific killstreak reward, a nod to the harrier strike from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Showtime plays out like a game show in a tight, tiny map based on Call of Duty 4's Shipment. Things get a bit crazier in Subzero, which lets...
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Rogue Legacy survival guide: How to keep that family tree growing

So you're brand new to Rogue Legacy and you find that you've died, well, a lot? Worry not, we've got some advice for you.Although Rogue Legacy has been out for more than a year on other platforms, its arrival on PS4, PS3 and Vita means that plenty of newcomers are experiencing the pain of death and rebirth for the first time. We already gave some developer tips on how to survive the game's hardest trophy, but maybe some more general tips would be of use? Let's get it on! It's OK to Die It may be frustrating, but death is a part of Rogue Legacy just as much as life is. Early on in the game you're liable to die a ton, but that's ok. Every time you die, the game will get very slightly easier, as your character can be upgraded in the castle. The game also doesn't scale as you level up, so...

If you watch one 16-minute a cappella history of video games, make it this one

YouTube users Triforce Films created an exhaustive 16-minute history of video game music, beginning with Pac-Man in 1980 and ending with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune in 2007. A cappella isn't for everyone, or at least I believed as much until Pitch Perfect became one of the great sick day movies of all time, with its lovable characters and sugar-sweet soundtrack. Oh, and its countless GIFable moments. Like Pitch Perfect, there's something both charming and impressive about this level of aca-skill. All of the songs are enjoyable, though I have a fondness for the Sonic theme. Here are the time codes, according to the video's description: Game Index and TimeCodes:1. Pac Man 1980 - 00:432. Super Mario Bros 1985 - 00:583. Legend of Zelda 1986 - 01:384. Dragon Warrior 1986 - 02:265. Tetris...

Killer Instinct's first season is coming to retail with a TJ Combo combo

The first season of Killer Instinct for Xbox One is coming to retail this September, Microsoft announced today. The physical release of the fighting game reboot will include eight fighters from the first season and one — TJ Combo — from its second. For $19.99, buyers of the Killer Instinct Combo Breaker Pack get Glacius, Thunder, Orchid, Jago, Sabrewulf, Sadira, Spinal and Fulgore. That's the same price as the digital Combo Breaker Pack sold at the game's launch. To sweeten the deal, buyers of the physical release will get a code for TJ Combo, the boxer coming in season two of Killer Instinct. The only other fighter confirmed so far for the game's second season is Killer Insinct 2's Maya. The Killer Instinct Combo Breaker Pack will be released for Xbox One on Sept. 23.

Watch The Sims 4's emotional new trailer

Sims will be more emotional than ever in The Sims 4, the latest entry in the long-running life simulation franchise, as demonstrated in a new trailer. The Sims 4 introduces a new emotion-based mechanic for people to play with. Sims will jump from happy to drink-throwing angry, tense, playful, embarrassed, focused or even dazed — and just because one sim is feeling flirty doesn't mean it won't make another uncomfortable. Check out the trailer above for a look at the game's emotion-based gameplay. The Sims 4 will be available for Mac and Windows PC Sept. 2. For more on the game's new emotions and personality system, check out our hands-on impressions from E3 2014.

Destiny doesn't end when its story does, and Bungie thinks you'll keep coming back

Destiny is designed to keep players coming back after its story concludes, developer Bungie's Luke Smith told IGN. The first part of the multiplayer first-person shooter will usher players and their character through a narrative, but the developer has a plan to keep players on our solar system's battlefields. "I think Destiny's endgame begins as soon as you see the way the story ends," Smith said. "As soon as you see the way we wrap up the sort of first piece of the adventure that we're going to tell … we want to set you back out into the world to keep going. We want to try to align your motivations as the player with the motivations of the character who you've been pushing around this world. So for us I think a bunch of the endgame starts right at level 20." Must Read D...

The Long Dark is a quieter take on DayZ, and it's still terrifying

The Long Dark will make you shout with joy over finding an unopened bag of beef jerky.It's an open-world survivor game in the ilk of Rust or DayZ, but with a much quieter tone and much simpler scope. In its early alpha build, you're not a wasteland survivor, building fortresses to protect yourself from oncoming waves of enemy marauders — you're just a person, vulnerable to real person stuff like cold exposure, starvation, dehydration, third-degree burns, compound fractures and so, so much more. For a glimpse at The Long Dark's fatal possibilities and occasionally beautiful vistas, check out the Overview video posted above.

Surprising things are hidden in the latest version of the Oculus Rift

iFixit has spent some quality time tearing doing the Oculus Rift development kit 2, and they've found some surprising things inside. The headset is covered in 40 infrared lights, which can be picked up by any camera that shows infrared. The header image of this article shows what the webcams sees to support positional tracking, the ability to move your head towards or away from objects in virtual reality. It's pretty neat stuff, and completely invisible when seen with your eyes. The older Crystal Cove Oculus prototype used white dots on the headset; using infrared lights hidden behind the plastic makes the unit look much cleaner. It also keeps the tracking data safe; with no paint or stickers to peel you can't hurt the unit by handling it. The real trick though is the screen: iFixit...

Kickstarter suspends accused Airbnb squatter's game project

One of two Kickstarter projects created by accused Airbnb squatter Maksym Pashanin has been canceled by Kickstarter.The Kickstarter for Knuckle Club, a game being developed by Pashanin's studio Kilobite Inc, was canceled about 1 p.m. ET today. It had 85 backers who had pledged $921 out of a requested $25,000. There was 14 days left in the Kickstarter. The money pledged to that Kickstarter will not be given to the project creators. The Kickstarter for Pashanin's other project, Confederate Express, remains active. That fully-funded project, which brought in nearly $40,000 from 2,386 people has not been canceled. Once funded, the money for a Kickstarter project is already in the hands of the creator. Kickstarter officials declined to comment on either project. Pashanin drew national...

Watch 'Sharknado 2: The Second One' a second time in Xbox One's new Syfy app

Xbox One owners can now experience the pop-culture phenomenon that is the Sharknado series in the Syfy Now app that is now available on the console, Syfy and parent company NBCUniversal announced today. Subscribers of supported cable providers (a full list is available on the network's website) can log in to Syfy Now to watch full episodes of most Syfy shows, such as Defiance and The Wil Wheaton Project, the day after they air. Full seasons of some shows are available as well. The app also offers a selection of movies — including, for a limited time, the 2013 B-movie Sharknado and its sequel, Sharknado 2: The Second One, which debuted on Syfy last night. NBCUniversal also released its USA Now app on Xbox One today. Similarly to Syfy Now, the app features a mix of full seasons and...
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