Kinect used as a spectral tracker in paranormal TV show Ghost Adventures

The Kinect motion tracker peripheral has been re-purposed as a ghost hunting device, and was demonstrated in a recent episode of the Travel Channel's paranormal investigation show Ghost Adventures.

The device was used in a way similar to its appearance in horror film Paranormal Activity 4; the Kinect's infrared tracking dots illuminate a mass invisible to the naked eye moving through a room.

In Ghost Adventures, paranormal technology inventor Bill Chappell outfits the Kinect's 3D motion tracking camera with custom software specifically designed to seek out and read human forms. In an empty room, the device registers a small figure that appears to move on command, which the investigator rules out as being a software error.

Chappell notes that this is one of the first times the specialized software has been used with the Kinect, admitting that the device requires further testing to verify its use.

Scrub to 36:40 in the video above to see the Kinect's paranormal possibilities in action.

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