Street Fighter X Tekken PS Vita DLC issues being fixed by Sony

Problems with Street Fighter X Tekken downloadable content redemption on PlayStation Vita are being fixed "as quickly as possible" by Sony Computer Entertainment America, said Capcom today.

According to an update posted on Capcom Unity, the content was packaged incorrectly, which led to players not receiving the content they were entitled to.

Sony resolved the issues with redemption of in-pack and pre-order vouchers by 7 p.m. ET on Oct. 24, and the issues with purchase of the full-game download by 9 p.m. ET on Oct. 26; any redemptions or purchases made since those times should work properly. Those players will be able to access the SF/TK Alternate Costume Complete Pack, which contains 38 alternate outfits for the main roster, on Oct. 30 in the PlayStation Store.

Players who redeemed codes or bought the game before those respective times will have to wait until Nov. 6 to access the Additional Characters Pack of 12 new fighters and the SF/TK Alternate Costume Complete Pack. In order to obtain that content, they'll have to log onto the PlayStation Store on or after that date and download the add-ons.

However, those who don't want to wait until next Tuesday can email Capcom with their PSN username, voucher code and description of content received or missing, as well as the time and date at which they attempted to redeem their voucher. Capcom is also inviting anyone with a different Street Fighter X Tekken DLC issue to email them.

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