Black Isle Studios returns, first project is a strange crowdfunding pitch

Most of the developers at Black Isle transitioned to Obsidian Entertainment after Interplay laid off the entire staff and closed the studio in December 2003. But now Black Isle is back, arguably in name only, with a ... strange crowdfunding pitch for a Fallout-esque concept dubbed "Project V13." In a curious change of course for most crowdfunded games, Black Isle isn't offering a copy of the yet-to-be-developed game in exchange for support.

Black Isle Studios introduces strange crowdfunding pitch for new project

Black Isle Studios starts its return to games development today with a new crowdfunding pitch that aims to beef up staff, help "prove to management" that fans want the studio resurrected and in addition fund the creation of a prototype for a new project from the resurrected studio; However, the campaign is not meant to fund the full game.

According to the developer, "Our goal at this stage is threefold: prove to management that you want Black Isle Studios resurrected and all the history and tradition of excellence that goes with it; continue to staff up and complete our PV13 game design;...

Black Isle Studios is back in name only

The site came online last week, along with a Twitter account and Facebook page, in advance of an official announcement from Herve Caen, the chief executive of game publisher Interplay. "It really feels like getting the band back together," said Caen in the press release, implying that the original Black Isle team had reformed.

However, most of the developers at Black Isle transitioned to Obsidian Entertainment after Interplay laid off Black Isle's entire staff and closed the studio in December 2003. We reached out to Obsidian to see if the developer is working with the new Black Isle....

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Black Isle Studios returns to create AAA role-playing games

Black Isle Studios is returning to game development with plans to develop new AAA role-playing games based on intellectual properties owned by Interplay, Interplay's CEO announced last night.

Interplay, known best for its hand in the early Fallout titles, Baldur's Gate, and Planescape: Torment, laid off the entire Black Isle Studios staff in 2003. Interplay most recently went radio silent last year following a lawsuit with Bethesda over the development of a Fallout massively multiplayer game.

Yesterday, a new website, Facebook page, and Twitter account for Black Isle Studios reared their...

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