Eve Online players wage a massive battle with more than 2,800 involved

Eve Online erupted today when players began a battle in the lowsec Asakai system with more than 2,800 participants, according to a post on Reddit.

User Itsatrapski posted an album that provides just a glimpse at the overall battle. "What you generally can't see are the sub-capital chips flying around in between all the huge ones," Itsatrapski wrote.

Another Reddit user by the name of Videogameexpert gave a brief explanation for the battle. According to the post, a ship piloted by a member of Something Awful's Goonswarm accidentally jumped into enemy space alone. A fight quickly broke out as more ships poured in to attack and defend.

Videos have also surfaced on YouTube capturing different parts of the battle. Deusexverra called a posted video "only a small portion of the full 2,800 in Asakai that night."

"This is only a few hundred people," Deusexverra wrote, "multiply this by about 10, replace a lot of the smaller ships with bigger ships, and you end up with this. [The] main blob [was] elsewhere in the same system (at roughly the same time)."

Deusexverra linked to another video, posted by user Notiter, which apparently shows the full fight. You can watch it above.

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