Today I Played

Today I Played is a video series in which one Polygon writer plays through as much of a game as possible in a single sitting. It's basically the Ironman triathlon of video games.

Today I Played: Dead Space 3

EA's had a rough go over the following years, shuttering a number of studios, nurturing a more austere slate of games. Mirror's Edge never got a sequel. The Dead Space franchise gradually exchanged its slow, quiet horror for loud guns and explosive set pieces.

Coming into this game, the franchises' trajectory seemed, to an outsider, shrewdly calculated. You can imagine a board room in which an executive says, "Gamers like co-op and train sequences and epic boss battles, so let's do more of that."

After playing Dead Space 3, I wonder if maybe I've read the series all wrong. That this was...

Today I Played: Aliens: Colonial Marines

View this Today I Played as a travel journal. Join me on a journey into the darkness, where aliens move like humans and humans move like aliens. Behold the view from inside my colleague's animated face. Gasp as stray combustible barrels detonate my character's body like a water balloon full of strawberry soda.

Video should help you better comprehend the flaws of Aliens: Colonial Marines. They are numerous. Some are painful, others are frustrating and a few are, intentionally or not, hilarious.

If you had to choose, would you live in a world with Aliens video games or Aliens GIFs? Let me...

Today I Played: DmC: Devil May Cry

As you might notice in this Today I Played, my reaction to DmC fluctuates between curious, disgusted and confused. Unlike the outspoken fans of the series, who have plenty of other issues with the game, I came to DmC with little baggage. I'd played previous games, but being action-brawlers, my interest waned by the second or third boss battle.

DmC will be the first of the series I finish. The game, about a demon hunter named Dante, has a slow build. Yes, the first thing you do is fight a giant hell beast. But what weapons and moves are available reduce it to button mashing. For...

Today I Played: Dark Souls

Ever since the original Demon's Souls, friends of mine have been singing the praises of From Software's insanely difficult RPG series. And yet, every time I played Demon's Souls or Dark Souls, it made me feel miserable. I'd pick it up at a press event, play for 10 minutes and come away wondering whether my friends had bad taste or a masochistic side I was just never aware of. It felt slow, awkward and intentionally obtuse. The controls and HUD made no sense and the lack of direction often left me scratching my head. So, after 10 minutes, I'd put the controller down and walk away with a...

Today I Played: Far Cry 3

For your entertainment, we have captured one writer's experience of playing a new game for a day straight. Since we respect your time, we've condensed this madness to four minutes.

This episode's game is Far Cry 3, in which we explored the dangerous Rook Islands as a pretty white kid from Southern California. It's one of those stories in which a Westernized dude is turned into a tribal tattoo-sporting psychopath. Like Apocalypse Now. Or a reversed Encino Man.

Far Cry 3 is an unusual beast, more hunting game than traditional first-person shooter. You hunt goats, boars and tapirs. You also...

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