League of Legends trailer introduces the frigid Ice Witch, Lissandra

A new trailer from Riot Games introduces the tribes of the frozen Freljord and Lissandra, the newest champion to battle upon the Fields of Justice in League of Legends.

Lissandra, as seen in her Champion Spotlight video below, is a magic-damage mage who excels in crowd control; almost all of her abilities impede an opponent's movement and actions via slows, roots and stuns. Her ability kit also contains a number of defensive mechanics to compensate for her relatively short range. In an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, pro League player Reginald cheerfully described Lissandra as "broken" — i.e., quite overpowered in her current state.

League of Legend's Patch 3.6 is a comprehensive update featuring the introduction of Lissandra and visual and gameplay reworks of two other champions, Sejuani and Trundle. Players can align themselves with one of the three warring factions in the frozen land of Freljord to receive a new Summoner Icon.

Patch 3.6 also includes the Howling Abyss, a map designed specifically to support the popular fan-made "ARAM" (All Random, All Mid) match type, in which champions are chosen at random and must fight as a team down a single lane. With the Howling Abyss map comes an official ARAM matchmaking queue; previously the game type had only been limited to custom games.

League of Legends Patch 3.6 is now live.

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