Double Fine Humble Bundle brings Brutal Legend, Costume Quest and more to Windows, Mac and Linux

The latest Humble Bundle is all about Double Fine Productions, stuffing in Psychonauts, Costume Quest and Stacking into one pay-what-you-want, DRM-free package for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. And for those PC gamers who pay more than the average, Double Fine and Humble Bundle will throw in Brutal Legend as well.

Included in the bundle is the soundtrack to Psychonauts and, for those who beat the average, the original soundtrack to Brutal Legend. And, as long as contributors kick in a dollar or more, Double Fine will offer Steam codes for those games.

Double Fine is further sweetening its Humble Bundle deal by adding two flat price options. Those who contribute $35 or more will also become backers of Double Fine's Kickstarter-funded adventure game Broken Age. Those who contribute $70 or more will receive a bundle-exclusive t-shirt designed by artist Cory Schmitz — who also designed Polygon's logo — with worldwide shipping included.

As with previous Humble Bundle offers, buyers can choose to donate any amount of their contribution to Child's Play Charity or the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The Humble Double Fine Bundle marks the debut of Costume Quest, Stacking and Brutal Legend on Mac and Linux.

Double Fine community guy Chris Remo tells Polygon that the developer's effort to bring more of its catalog to non-Windows platforms is part of its "goal to be on as many open platforms as we possibly can."

"We want to be as platform-agnostic as we can as a studio and target whatever platforms make sense," Remo said, adding that the Double Fine bundle's ports have been in the works since last year. Porting its back catalog to Mac and Linux has required "a fair amount of legwork," but the updates to the developer's in-house engine — created for Brutal Legend — makes it easier for future game's from Double Fine to be platform-agnostic.

'It's the opposite of diminishing returns," Remo said.

As for the decision to release five of its games as a Humble Bundle, which Double Fine has worked with in the past, including Psychonauts in a previous bundle and releasing its Amnesia Fortnight demos, Remo said it's about ease and audience.

"The Humble Bundle guys are pretty much the best way of getting your stuff out there for those platforms," he said. "And Steam has also done really well for us over the years. Now that Steam is on Mac and Linux, it lets developers be a lot more confident in targeting those platforms, because there's going to be a critical mass there."

The Humble Double Fine Bundle is available starting today and will run until May 21.

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