Pokemon X and Y coming Oct. 12, will feature new Fairy type

Pokemon X and Y will include a new Fairy Pokemon type and mini-game to help you bond with your Pokemon, Nintendo announced during its E3 press conference today.

The new Fairy type will be introduced with newly-discovered Pokemon Sylveon, which users its long feelers to transmit feelings of calm. Some existing Pokemon will also be reclassified as Fairy-type, including Jigglypuff, Marril and Gardevoir. Fairy-type Pokemon will be strong against Dragon Pokemon.

Two new Pokemon have also been introduced: the Flying and Dragon-type Pokemon Noivern, which uses sound wave attacks; and Vivillon, a Bug and Flying-type that scatters its scales with its wings to create a strong, razor-cutting wind attack.

The company also announced Pokemon-Amie, a new feature that will allow you to pet your Pokemon on-screen and feed them using the 3DS stylus to make them happier and deepen your relationship with them.

Pokemon X and Y will launch worldwide on Oct. 12 for 3DS.

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