New Pokémon X and Y Legendaries detailed

The Pokémon Company has revealed new details about two Legendary characters set to appear in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

Fairy-type Pokémon Xerneas will wield new move Geomancy, a rainbow-colored earth eruption, as well as Fairy Aura that gives power to other Fairy-types. Yveltal is a Dark- and Flying-type Pokémon that wields Oblivion Wing, a skyborne beam of red-light. Its special ability is Dark Aura, a counterpoint to Fairy Aura.

Other new Pokémon appearing in the new 3DS games, due to be launched worldwide on October 12, include...

  • A feisty Fighting- and Dark chap called Pangaro, that carries a leaf in its mouth with the power to predict enemy moves.
  • Fairy-type Swirlix, which, when facing Double and Triple Battles featuring Pokémon that know moves like Hypnosis, can learn the new Fairy-type move Draining Kiss, which does damage to a target while also restoring some HP to the user.
  • Spritzee emits a stink that causes anyone who smells the whiff to fall under its spell. It can also learn the healing move Aromatherapy.
Also being introduced for the first time, are O-Powers, which allow users to transfer special powers and boosts between themselves, through local or online connections.

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