Conan O'Brien may play infamous 80s rape game on TV [Update]

Update: A show spokesman tells Polygon that once they "became aware of the content of the game, it was pulled from consideration."

Custer's Revenge, the controversial Atari 2600 game that has players controlling a mostly-naked Gen. George Custer in his attempts to rape a native american woman tied to a pole, is one of eight possible games Conan O'Brien will play as part of a "Clueless Gamer" retro segment on his show, according to the show's official site.

The game is listed among seven other potential candidates in a poll to determine what to play during an on-air gaming session.

"Clueless Gamer is going RETRO: Conan and assistant nerd Aaron Bleyaert will be firing up an Atari 2600 and playing a bunch of classics from the Golden Age of gaming," according to the post. "Yesterday we asked for your Atari game suggestions via social media and were overwhelmed by the response. Below are the finalists; vote NOW for the game you want the maestro and his minion to play the most in this special throwback episode."

The eight finalists are Pong, Burger Time, Pitfall, Frogger, E.T., Dig Dug, Joust and the now infamous Custer's Revenge.

Original box art

Custer's Revenge was released in 1982 by now defunct publisher Mystique as "Swedish Erotica" and an "adult video game cartridge" during an era that pre-dates the ESRB's now prevalent gaming rating system by more than a decade. The publisher soon went out of business, and Playaround bought the rights, making several modifications, including to the game title, before re-releasing it.

In the game, players control a mostly-naked, visibly aroused 8-bit Custer who must navigate a screen filled with dropping arrows to get to a naked woman sporting a single-feather headdress, tied to a pole, to have sex with her.

The game spurred outrage among women's rights groups, Native American groups and parent groups before being pulled from shelves after selling about 80,000 copies.

Conan's Clueless Gamer segment has the affable O'Brien playing video games, often with developers, in a distinctly non-gamer fashion.

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