Arma 3 expands in-game editor to add scenario sharing

The latest update to the beta version of Arma 3 on Steam expands the title's in-game editor and adds the ability to share player-created scenarios, according to a post on Steam Workshop.

Arma 3's in-game editor allows players to create their own tailored missions and build more intricate scenarios. According to the Workshop post, the game's modules allow Arma 3 players to jump into designing their own scenarios without prior knowledge of scripting languages.

On Steam Workshop, players can post their original scenarios as well as browse those from other players. By subscribing to a scenario, players can download and play it without having to restart their own game.

"In the fast and easy to use world of app stores, streaming services and real-time feeds, we felt that sharing user content needed to improve," developer Bohemia Interactive's designer and "Workshop caretaker" Jiří Zlatohlávek said in a statement accompanying the post. "What we see in the Workshop is a faster and easier way both for the creators to get their work up there to the players and for the players to find and try it while providing feedback and encouragement, where it's needed the most."

Arma 3 launched via Steam Early Access in March and moved into paid beta in June. The full version will be released on Sept. 12, and its campaign will launch as three free DLC episodes. The first episode, "Survive," with hit one month after launch, while the latter two, "Adapt" and "Win" will drop in the following months.

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