Sportsfriends featuring Johann Sebastian Joust weighed for PS4 release

The developers behind Sportsfriends, a collection of four local multiplayer games that includes Johann Sebastian Joust, Hokra, BaraBariBall and Super Pole Riders, said they'd like to bring the set of games to the PlayStation 4 as a free title to their backers.

"We hope to bring Sportsfriends to the PS4, but we're not sure yet," according to a recent FAQ posted on the Kickstarter. "Our first priority is to finish the PS3 and Home Computers version as promised.

"If/when we do release a PS4 version, we'd ideally like to give our PS4 backers a free download code for the PS4 version. But we can't guarantee anything at this stage."

The PlayStation 3 version of the game will be released as a download via the PlayStation Network, according to the same post. The Home Computers version will maybe come to Steam, but the team said it is guaranteed to be available as a download through the Humble Store.

The team remains unsure of whether Joust will support the Wiimote or offer native Windows support. Worst case, they wrote, players will be able to boot their PC directly into a special Linux version of the game from a standard USB thumbdrive.

Sportsfriends pulled in more than $150,000 in a Kickstarter late last year. It is currently set for release on Linux, Mac, PC and PlayStation 3.

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