Tower of Guns - Overview video

Tower of Guns is a strong contender for Polygon's "Most Literal Game Title of 2014" award.

Everything you need to know is right there on the tin: You're tasked with sieging a vertically-oriented building, which is composed of walls, guns, floors, more guns, ceilings and other assorted guns. Oh, right — there are also doors, like the tower's front door, which you'll see a lot, because you're going to die bunches trying to climb the tower. True to form, most doors can only be opened by shooting them with a gun; so dedicated is Tower of Guns to the themes presented in its title.

In today's Overview, Russ Frushtick and I take an upwards stab at scaling the tower, which does not go as poorly as you might expect. Don't get me wrong; we don't reach the peak — but we also don't die in the foyer, which is at least somewhat commendable.

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