Ace Attorney Investigations 2 fan translation patch now out in beta

A fan-made English localization patch for Nintendo DS title Ace Attorney Investigations 2Gyakuten Kenji 2 in Japan, is now available in beta, according to a post from the project leader at GBA Temp.

The title —  the sequel to 2009 game Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth starring the titular prosecutor — was published in Japan in 2011 and never translated for Western audiences. The fan translation, led by forum user "Auryn," can be patched into a digital copy of the game — which can be ripped from a physical cartridge — and requires a flashcart.

The translation patch includes all five court cases from the game. Auryn notes that because this is a beta, the team is hoping for those who download the free patch to provide feedback. The patch is downloadable through the GBA Temp forums as well as Ace Attorney fan site Court Records.

"We are planning to make a final release some day with all the corrections you guys will report and when we have done some more cosmetic changes that the most of you will probably not even notice," Auryn wrote.

For a closer look at fan-made localizations, check out our in-depth look at a handful of individuals that spend their free time making unofficial translations.

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