Day three of The International Dota 2 world championships is complete — here are the results

It was a day of big games, upsets, and the end of the road for some teams in everything but the strictest sense of the word at day three of Valve's Dota 2 International world championship.

The day started with a match between fan-favorites Na'Vi and their American offshoots Na'Vi.US with a surprising outcome. The big plays continued throughout the day as wildcard seed Liquid upset the dominant IG, who would also later go on to play one of the most exciting matches of the day against Cloud9 — as well as the longest game of the tournament so far. Returning champions Alliance struggled to place well enough to continue, while others have lost enough matches at this point to make tomorrow's games a formality. But the fight for the eight bracket spots in Phase Three isn't over yet, and there's still plenty to be decided on day four. The day's results are as follows:

Series 19

Na'Vi vs. Na'Vi.US (winner: Na'Vi.US)

DK vs. ViCi (winner: ViCi)

Fnatic vs. IG (winner: IG)

LGD vs. Alliance (winner: LGD)

Series 20

Cloud9 vs. Empire (winner: Cloud9)

DK vs. Titan (winner: Titan)

Arrow vs. Fnatic (winner: Fnatic)

Mouseports vs. Evil Geniuses (winner: Evil Geniuses)

Series 21

Empire vs. LGD (winner: LGD)

Team DK vs. Na'Vi.US (winner: DK)

IG vs. Liquid (winner: Liquid)

Evil Geniuses vs. ViCi (winner: Evil Geniuses)

Series 22

Mousesports vs. Titan (winner: Mousesports)

Na'Vi.US vs. NewBee (winner: NewBee)

Na'Vi vs. Liquid (winner: Na'Vi)

Alliance vs. ViCi (winner: ViCi)

Series 23

IG vs. LGD (winner: IG)

Titan vs. Na'Vi.US (winner: Titan)

Na'Vi vs. DK (winner: DK)

Alliance vs. Cloud9 (winner: Alliance)

Series 24

Empire vs. Evil Geniuses (winner: Evil Geniuses)

Mousesports vs. Fnatic (winner: Mousesports)

Liquid vs. ViCi (winner: ViCi)

NewBee vs. Arrow (winner: NewBee)

Series 25

Cloud9 vs. IG (winner: Cloud9)

Na'Vi vs. Arrow (winner: Na'Vi)

Titan vs. LGD (winner: LGD)

NewBee vs. DK (winner: DK)

Series 26

Evil Geniuses vs. Na'Vi.US (winner: Evil Geniuses)

Liquid vs. Alliance (winner: Liquid)

LGD vs. Mousesports (winner: Mousesports)

NewBee vs. Empire (winner: Empire)

Series 27

IG vs. Na'Vi (winner: IG)

ViCi vs. Cloud9 (winner: Cloud9)

Liquid vs. Titan (winner: Liquid)

Fnatic vs. Empire (winner: Empire)

The top two teams at the end of Phase Two will move directly to the main event next week at Key Arena in Seattle. The bottom six teams will be eliminated, and the remaining eight will play in an additional bracket to determine who will compete in The International's finals.

Overal team standings after Phase Two, Day Three:

1. Evil Geniuses (10-3)

1. ViCi (10-3)

3. DK (9-5)

3. IG (9-5)

5. Cloud9 (8-5)

6. Liquid (8-6)

7. Na'Vi (7-8)

8. NewBee (7-7)

8. Titan (7-7)

10. LGD (6-8)

11. Alliance (5-8)

14. Empire (5-9)

14. Na'Vi.US (5-9)

16. Arrow (2-11)

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