Can't wait for Half-Life 3? Try Half-Life 2 in VR

Half-Life 2 has been amazing in virtual reality since the launch of the first version of the Oculus Rift, but Youtuber Goldfish shows off how differently the game plays when you use the Oculus Rift with a set of Razer Hydra controllers.

You can shoot behind your back to lay down covering fire while fleeing, you can make a realistic throwing motion to lob grenades, and you have to physically aim your weapons instead of relying on a reticle. The amount of work that goes into a mod like this is substantial, from adjusting elements in the user interface to adding new models that be inspect from any angle, but the finished product speaks for yourself.

You can watch Goldfish use the actual iron sights on the handgun to aim, as well as flick the revolver over to allow the spent casings to fall free from the chamber. It's a series of physical movements that force you to treat the gun as if it was a physical object, which is much more interesting than simply hitting a button to reload. You can download the mod for yourself if you have access to an Oculus Rift and Hydra controllers.

This is the future, everyone. Take notes.

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