GameStop has a plan to give The Last of Us owners half off of the Remastered edition

What do you do with that PlayStation 3 version of The Last of Us when the game makes its debut on the PlayStation 4 July 29 as The Last of Us Remastered? GameStop has an answer. From July 27 through August 2, the retailer will take your PS3 disc on trade and give you half off the PS4 version, which will retail for $49.99. Sony is not offering a discount for those who own the original version of the game, though it did drop the price by $10 in late June. For more on The Last of Us Remastered, be sure to read our recent impressions of the "stunning visual masterpiece" and watch the E3 2014 trailer below. You can also read our review of the original and the story-based Left Behind downloadable content, which will be included in Remastered.

QuakeCon sale on Doom, Dishonored, Elder Scrolls and more hits Steam, Green Man Gaming

Digital deals to celebrate the opening of QuakeCon are appearing in retail-land today, with Steam and Green Man Gaming offering Bethesda and id-related bargains. Steam's QuakeCon Bundle 2014 is the big daddy of today's offers, packaging together 20 games and add-ons for $99, including a bevy of all things Dishonored, Doom, Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Wolfenstein. Stand-out individual sales currently include Dishonored, down 75 percent to $4.99; The Elder Scrolls Online cut by 50 percent to $29.99 and Wolfenstein: The New Order down 25 percent to $44.99. Green Man Gaming is selling Wolfenstein: The New Order for $29.99 as well as Doom 3 for $2.49 and Doom 3 BFG Edition for $4.99, among other offers. QuakeCon 2014, the annual gathering of all things Bethesda and id Software, kicks off...

Humble 2K Bundle adds five more games in the XCOM Complete Pack

The Humble 2K Bundle is now five games bigger, thanks to the XCOM Complete Pack. Those who pay more than the average selling price ($8.14 as of this writing) will receive Windows PC versions of the first five original XCOM games. The package of DRM-free or Steam games includes XCOM: UFO Defense (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown), Terror from the Deep, Apocalypse, Interceptor and Enforcer. Announced last week, the bundle already offers BioShock, The Darkness 2 and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. Pay more than the average price, and you'll get BioShock 2, Mafia 2 and Spec Ops: The Line. Choose to pay $20 or more, and you'll receive  BioShock Infinite and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. For more on the latest XCOM games, be sure to read our reviews of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM: Enemy Within and The Bureau:...

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham pre-order toys revealed

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced a list of retailer-specific pre-order bonuses for for Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. The game, due out on most platforms later this year, allows players to take on the roles of 150 DC characters including those from the Justice League and the Legion of Doom. It's the latest in a highly successful series of kid-friendly action puzzle games from developer TT Games. Here's the list of retail offers... Amazon: Lego Batgirl KeychainBest Buy: Digital Comic BookGameStop: Plastic Man toy (right image)Target: Batwing Miniset (top image)Toys R Us: The Joker Keychain Walmart: Lego Tumbler Miniset "Lego Batman 1 was all about Batman and Robin," explained game director Arthur Parsons in a recent Polygon interview. "Lego Batman 2 was...

Destiny beta giveaway: We've got 100 codes!

Looking to get into the Destiny beta? You've come to the right place.The public beta of Destiny launches later this week. Anyone who pre-orders the game will get access to the beta, but what if you'd rather not plunk down cash quite yet? Well, we've got you covered. We've got 100 codes to giveaway. Here's how it's going to work: Every day this week (the week of July 14) we'll be posting a batch of 20 codes to our Facebook page. The codes will go up sometime between noon ET and 5pm ET, which should give multiple timezones a chance to take advantage. (UPDATE: There were some concerns of bots taking all the codes almost instantly, so we've changed up the rules a bit. We'll hand-mail codes each day to 20 random people who like/share the Facebook post. This should be good news for you, as...

Humble 2K Bundle discounts BioShock, Spec Ops, XCOM games and more

You can name your own price for games in the BioShock and XCOM series and more through the Humble 2K Bundle, which is live now through July 22 at 2:00 p.m. ET. At its core, the Humble 2K bundle offers BioShock, The Darkness 2 and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. Pay more than the average price, and you'll get BioShock 2, Mafia 2 and Spec Ops: The Line. Pay $20 or more, and you'll also get BioShock Infinite and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The games are available through Steam for Windows, and "select titles" are also available for Mac and Linux, as is a DRM-free version of BioShock. As with each Humble Bundle, buyers can choose to split their spending between the game's creators and charities, here the American Red Cross and Action Against Hunger. For in-depth stories on the games above,...

Xbox sale offers daily and weekly deals on Titanfall, Fallout 3, Dishonored and more

Microsoft's Ultimate Games Sale will cut prices on beloved Xbox 360 games such as Fallout 3 (screenshot above) and Dishonored, along with a couple of Xbox One titles, over the course of the next week, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb announced today. Some deals will run from July 8-14. That includes two discounts on Xbox One games: 33 percent off Titanfall (regularly $59.99) and 40 percent off the season pass for Call of Duty: Ghosts (reg. $49.99). A bevy of Xbox 360 titles are also on sale during the week, such as Dishonored (67 percent off, reg. $19.99), Fallout 3 (67 percent off, reg. $14.99), Gears of War 3 (75 percent off, reg. $19.99) and EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (60 percent off, reg. $59.99). Microsoft will also rotate out a new set of deals every day for the next week....

Humble Store's DRM-Freedom sale offers daily deals for two weeks, starting today

The Humble Store's latest promotion, the DRM-Freedom Sale, will offer discounts of up to 85 percent off of DRM-free games such as Free Lives' Broforce and Amanita Design's Machinarium, the retailer announced today. Each deal in the sale will run for 24 hours; new offers will be rotated in on a daily basis. Some of the games will include Steam access along with a DRM-free copy on Linux, Mac or Windows, where available. Here are today's discounts: 33 percent off Broforce (screenshot above) 40 percent off The Last Federation 75 percent off Surgeon Simulator 2013 85 percent off Bridge Constructor 50 percent off Teslagrad 80 percent off Retro City Rampage 80 percent off Space Pirates and Zombies (S.P.A.Z.) 80 percent off Machinarium 85 percent off Dungeon Hearts 75...

Ouya now selling 12-month pass to 800 games for $59.99

Ouya launched a limited deal today, the All-Access Pass, which gives customers 12 months' worth of access to almost all games on the platform for $59.99. According to its listing on the Ouya Shop, the All-Access Pass covers more than 800 Ouya games and represents a value over $2,000. The pass is not an annual subscription — the $59.99 price is a nonrefundable one-time payment. Once a customer buys it and redeems the code, relevant content in the Shop will show up at the price of $0.00. Ouya notes that the offer applies only to purchases under $30 of items such as full-game unlocks and add-on content; the pass does not cover "in-game purchases that enhance gameplay" or content that can be bought more than once, such as power-ups or extra lives. And Ouya reserves the right to...

Guacamelee, BattleBlock Theater and more go free on Xbox Live Gold in July

Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to download three newly free games in July, including The Behemoth's BattleBlock Theater and the Xbox One debut of DrinkBox Studios' Guacamelee, Microsoft announced today. Guacamelee (screenshot above), which was originally released on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in April 2013, will launch July 2 on Xbox One and Xbox 360 as Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition for $14.99. (That enhanced version of the platformer will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Wii U the same month.) Xbox One-owning Gold subscribers will be able to download the Super Turbo Championship edition for free as of July 2. Press Play's Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (regularly $14.99), which became available free under Games with Gold this month, will remain...

Try all five Wii Sports Club games with a free 48-hour trial

Wii U owners who haven't taken a crack at Wii Sports Club can do so now with a free trial including all five available sports minigames, Nintendo announced today. The Wii Sports Club free trial will be available through the Nintendo eShop beginning today, June 26 at 9 p.m. ET through Dec. 31, 2014. This coincides with the release of the baseball and boxing minigames through the eShop today. Once players activate the free trial — which includes baseball and boxing along with bowling, golf and tennis — players have 48 hours to test them out before it expires. The free trial can be stacked on top of the 24-hour free trial Nintendo is offering to first-time Wii Sports Club users. Wii Sports Club's tennis and bowling minigames launched in October of last year, while golf became available...

GameStop offering discount on Mario and Luigi: Dream Team 3DS XL bundle

GameStop is restocking the Nintendo 3DS XL bundle featuring Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, a representative for GameStop told Polygon today. The bundle, which first became available last December, includes a silver 3DS XL with drawings of Mario and Luigi etched into the front, as well as a pre-installed digital copy of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, which launched last summer. According to the GameStop representative, retail outlets and GameStop's online store should begin receiving more stock of the bundle today and tomorrow. The bundle also now costs $179.99, down $20 from the original price of $199.99. For more details on Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, check out our review.

Ryse, Fable series up on Xbox Deals with Gold this week (correction)

Xbox One and Xbox 360 players can get a handful of popular games at a discount this week through Xbox's Deals with Gold promotion, including Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome at 17 percent off, according to the Major Nelson blog. Now through June 30, players can also snag the Ryse season pass — which includes four content packs for use in the game's multiplayer mode — at 50 percent off. Through Games on Demand on Xbox 360, players can also snag Diablo 3 at 50 percent off, Payday 2 at 63 percent off and Fable 2 and 3 at 75 percent off. A handful of weapons and outfits packs for Fable Anniversary are also available at around half their original price. Additionally, the Xbox Games Store is holding a sale on select Lego titles — including Lego The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings,...

Titanfall is available to play for free on Origin for 48 hours

Electronic Arts is rolling out a new program that offers a full game playable for free for a set time period called Origin Game Time, the company announced today, beginning with Respawn's shooter Titanfall on PC. Origin users participating in the initiative will be able to play the full versions of select titles for free for as long as there's time on their Game Time clock. The Origin Game Time clock begins when a user starts the game for the first time and counts down in real-time, whether or not the player pauses the game. As the first game in the promotion, players can download Titanfall for free and play it for 48 hours. All progress will carry over if users choose to purchase Titanfall. The initiative is currently rolling out to all users and will appear on Origin's Free Games...

Flower, Shadow of the Colossus and more up to 75 percent off this week

Sony is holding a week-long sale on PlayStation-exclusive titles kicking off tomorrow and lasting through June 23,  Sony Network Entertainment digital distribution manager Chieh Chen announced via the PlayStation Blog. Games are available for up to 50 percent off, while PlayStation Plus subscribers receive a discount of up to 75 percent. Included titles are listed below: Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition (PS4) Flower (PS3, PS4, PS Vita) Ico (PS3) LittleBigPlanet (PS3) PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3) Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (PS3) Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (PS3) Shadow of the Colossus (PS3) Tearaway (PS Vita) Twisted Metal (PS3) Following the PlayStation Store update on June 17, PlayStation Plus...

Sniper Elite V2 goes free on Steam for a day

Sniper Elite V2, the World War II shooter from Rebellion Developments, is available free on Steam for the next 24 hours, the studio announced today. Any Steam user who downloads a copy of the Windows PC title by 1 p.m. EDT tomorrow, June 5, will have it forever. Rebellion originally launched Sniper Elite V2 in the spring of 2012 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and in May 2013 on Wii U. "V2's one of Rebellion's most successful ever games, but it's been out for over two years now. We think the loyal Sniper Elite community will welcome some fresh blood on the multiplayer servers, while new players will get to experience the things that make the series unique, and sharpen their skills before the release of Sniper Elite 3," said Jason Kingsley, co-founder and creative director at...
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