Launching Civilization: Beyond Earth


Polygon goes to Poland

Polygon goes to Poland


Poland's Detroit: Life and games in Poland's third largest city

Adrian Chmielarz has founded, and sold, two game studios in the last 20 years. His third, The Astronauts, is making a game that represents his vision for the future of gaming.

How the team behind The Witcher conquered Poland

From Dead Island to Dying Light

Polish developer Techland renews its quest to make the perfect zombie game.

The Warsaw Indies

Three days in Warsaw with a few of the indie game developers ushering in a new age for Polish game making.

AM Radio: The Banksy of Second Life

We track down Second Life's most famous anonymous artist, AM Radio.
Shadow TowerFall creator Matt Thorson as he releases his breakout game.
Or, what it feels like to be hit in the face with a rubber ball.

Finding the Lost Levels

A new game industry conference is open to everyone -- and that's the point.

The hidden world of Steam trading

In February 2014, Roberto Ranieri lost a small fortune in hats.

Polygon spends two days in Uppsala uncovering the outlandish stories of the Swedish developers...

Making games in Qatar

How a small team built a company and a game in an unlikely place.

Making Fract as a family

How a Canadian team built a game and a family from scratch.
How one of gaming's most enduring personalities escaped obscurity.
GlassLab: where game designers and teachers come together to fix the way we teach our kids.
With most of the game built, development on Defense Grid 2 moves into its most complicated phase: adding the finishing touches.

Selling candy to babies

Free-to-play business models rule the App Store — but should they have free rein over children's games?
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