Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer know what it takes to bring successful games to market. You...

Firaxis' strategy game Civilization: Beyond Earth, shows humankind populating new worlds. Set in...

The three lives of Blizzard Entertainment

"World of...

The hustlers of Dota 2

The hustlers of Dota 2

Back in 2011, Jonathan Belke was...

Fire Hose Games on planting the seeds for indie success.

There and back again: A history of The Lord of the Rings in video games

Defense Grid 2 reaches its final stage of development: certification.
PBS Math Club uses pop culture references to sell YouTube kids on being smart.
How an indie studio from Uruguay created a strategy game that conquered the world.
One of the game industry's most popular writers tells her own story.
In the studio with the writers and actors of Defense Grid 2.

Development hell: The video game

Indie studio Question lampoons game development in The Magic Circle.

Inside CAA, the Hollywood super agency behind Respawn, Obsidian and Turtle Rock

Why game accessibility matters

Meet the people pushing to make video games more accessible to those with — and without — disabilities.
Defense Grid 2 enters the final stage of development.

Riot taught me League of Legends (and now I'm teaching you)

Launching Civilization: Beyond Earth


Polygon goes to Poland

Polygon goes to Poland


Poland's Detroit: Life and games in Poland's third largest city

Adrian Chmielarz has founded, and sold, two game studios in the last 20 years. His third, The Astronauts, is making a game that represents his vision for the future of gaming.
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