GlassLab: where game designers and teachers come together to fix the way we teach our kids.
With most of the game built, development on <em>Defense Grid 2</em> moves into its most complicated phase: adding the finishing touches.

Selling candy to babies

Free-to-play business models rule the App Store &mdash; but should they have free rein over children's games?
Conrad Kreyling designed a visual novel engine to run games in web browsers, and fell into a job with Namco Bandai along the way.
How a successful indie developer is pouring his time and money into a game about gang violence on Chicago's South Side.

How game creators find the fun

Nearly a year into development of <em>Defense Grid 2</em>, Hidden Path Entertainment turns its attention to the most important and elusive element of making a game: creating fun.
How a crazy idea became a media juggernaut.

Life after Titanfall

Two key team members behind Call of Duty and Titanfall decided to start over to see what they could do on their own.

The flight to Thailand was long. Stephen de Souza wished it were longer.

When a successful game is a failure

An inside look at the business of games, and how Hidden Path struck a deal to bring Defense Grid 2 to consoles.

Darren Hill nearly died on New Year's Day.

How a British choirboy became a Hollywood composer, and his transition to working on some of the game industry's biggest titles.

"All of it surprises me."

Alex "The Mittani" Gianturco is a long-time Eve Online player. In...

The creator of Resident Evil saw a lack of opportunities for young game directors in Japan. So he started a company to create some.

Polygon's PC Buying Guide

Forget the new consoles. Forget the tablets and phones. Forget the handheld devices and their great games. Forget all of that. The PC as a gaming platform is in ascension. If you've been holding off buying or building a gaming PC, or just need an upgrade,
The 20-year journey of an Amiga indie born of passion, destroyed by love and reborn as 1993: Space Machine.
How a small team of hackers gave birth to indie gaming in Peru.
How the FGC's roots grew the most racially diverse community in gaming.

Street Fighter 2: An Oral History

The history of Street Fighter 2. As told by these who were there.
How a former NFL athlete turned his failed pro career into a second life as a game designer.
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