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Polygon Daily Open Thread - Wed July 23

in Off-topic , 1326 replies latest reply less than a minute ago by sum_guy

Shaun McIlroy Off-topic 1326
Anime, Cartoons, Comics! Plight Vol. 2, no. 15.1: Silent Crusaders

in Off-topic , 766 replies latest reply 5 minutes ago by KajunBowser

darknightgotham Off-topic 766
Join the Polynauts Destiny clan today

in Destiny , 115 replies latest reply 13 minutes ago by thecommonperson

Talaviir Destiny 115
Pokémon Discussions: Springing forward

in Pokemon X/Pokemon Y , 1009 replies latest reply 18 minutes ago by Rhyz

glenngunnerzero Pokemon X/Pokemon Y 1009
Spare PS4 Beta Codes

in Destiny , 0 replies 24 minutes ago by Noah Jacobus

Noah Jacobus Destiny 0
Polynauts OT: Gender, sexuality and representation in gaming

in Polynauts , 249 replies latest reply about 1 hour ago by Dibbster

Shaun McIlroy Polynauts 249
DESTINY disappointment?

in Xbox One , 9 replies latest reply about 4 hours ago by mrthewhite

FunkieBear Xbox One 9
A New Steam Controller

in Windows , 0 replies about 4 hours ago by mymanfly

mymanfly Windows 0
25 character code not working on Xbox1

in Destiny , 2 replies latest reply about 8 hours ago by fsume9368

fsume9368 Destiny 2
Polygon Daily Open Thread - Tue July 22

in Off-topic , 664 replies latest reply about 13 hours ago by Lucky Lightford

Shaun McIlroy Off-topic 664
Standby Or Off On PS4

in PlayStation 4 , 15 replies latest reply about 14 hours ago by nib101

TheIncarcerator PlayStation 4 15
Women in Games: A Reaction

in Polynauts , 7 replies latest reply about 19 hours ago by Lopogyn

Alex Todoroff Polynauts 7
Do you often read the reviews after finishing a game?

in Polynauts , 10 replies latest reply about 20 hours ago by Lopogyn

The_Icon Polynauts 10
Deals With Gold Weekly(?) Update

in Xbox One , 11 replies latest reply about 21 hours ago by coip

BuckThunder Xbox One 11
Destiny Beta

in Xbox One , 3 replies latest reply about 23 hours ago by iliveintheshvde

iliveintheshvde Xbox One 3
Polygon Daily Open Thread - Mon July 22

in Off-topic , 533 replies latest reply about 23 hours ago by FellowMusicFan

Shaun McIlroy Off-topic 533
Xbox One Spare Beta Code

in Destiny , 2 replies latest reply 1 day ago by excowboy

fsanin Destiny 2
What's your favorite silly game?

in Off-topic , 22 replies latest reply 1 day ago by BuckThunder

BuckThunder Off-topic 22
What worlds will we explore in Destiny?

in Destiny , 2 replies latest reply 1 day ago by fsume9368

Fuzunga Destiny 2
Thoughts on Destiny

in Destiny , 2 replies latest reply 1 day ago by fsume9368

westonp Destiny 2
Yakuza 5 (Ryū ga Gotoku 5) Fan Translation Gone?

in PlayStation 3 , 0 replies 1 day ago by AlexHaynes

AlexHaynes PlayStation 3 0
I just want a gritty mature MOBA

in Off-topic , 16 replies latest reply 1 day ago by ChaoticP

AdamTylrr Off-topic 16
Polygon YouTube Channel

in Off-topic , 1 reply latest reply 2 days ago by BuckThunder

gr8-----spirits Off-topic 1
Anime, Cartoons, Comics! Plight Vol. 2, no. 14: Beast War-riors (part 2)...

in Off-topic , 1067 replies latest reply 2 days ago by Nuclear Prinny

Cobaltios Off-topic 1067
Post your Weekend at Polygon/Daily headers here (July 2014)

in Off-topic , 31 replies latest reply 2 days ago by Woady

Polynauts Off-topic 31
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