Should I wait until the next 3DS' redesign or should I buy the 3DS XL?

Nintendo is known for making you feel buyer's remorse when they announce a redesign for a handheld console you just bought last month. This has happened to me twice: when I got my second GameBoy Advance and when I got my 'phat' Nintendo DS.

I had to replace my GameBoy Advance as the screen of the first one was burned out after my dad left it uncovered inside of his car. Fatefully, Nintendo couldn't announce the GameBoy Advance SP fifteen days before so I could buy it instead of the original model, and I was stuck with a handheld console without both a rechargeable battery and a lit display.

Then, a year after the Nintendo DS launched, I finally decided to buy it. But Nintendo announced the Nintendo DS Lite a month later.

I don't want this to happen again, but I really want me a 3DS XL right now. Nintendo is sure to release yet another redesign, but it is really unpredictable when that might happen.

What are your thoughts about this?

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