Polygon Mario Kart Tournament UPDATE #2 !


I was thinking that since so many of us have a 3ds that we could organize a big tournament of mario kart. So if you would like to participate please put down you 3ds code (Yes I know there is a forum for it) and say when you would be available and we can sort this thing out!

My 3ds code is 4012-3509-3014


The contestants are

Rhyz- 3539-9287-8271

Gaardus- 0602-6428-7887

Shaun McIlroy- 2552-1254-6974

Bryce3333- 2191-7797-0346

HectorB- FC: 3995-6508-7773

and myself

We will be getting the time and course down soon so if you want to join please act fast.

The polygon mario kart community code is this 28-9480-9809-5689

Make sure you have played online Mario Kart at least once to avoid any problems.

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