Can we please talk about why Assassin's Creed 3 was disappointing?


I really wanted to like Assassin's Creed 3, I even tried to force myself to like the game -- to validate the $60 purchase. Eventually I had enough. It was the moment where you are forced to race through the forest while riding a horse, and every time you get close to a tree the horse has to stop causing you to lose your target. After continuously cussing at the TV I realized I had been saying many bad things to my TV that day, and I also realized that I wasn't having fun with ACIII.

What broke the game for me was the horizontal free-run. The issues with running on the streets of cities never bothered me in the previous installments, mostly because you always had tall buildings to cling and roofs to jump across. Sadly, ACIII can't supply the tall buildings because colonial American buildings weren't that tall. With this being the case running in the streets is more common. Barrels and fences have become archenemies of mine. I swear if one of those objects are somewhat close to Connor, instead of running straight he wants to climb and jump off of the object. I do find it funny that the free-running in the trees actually worked well and was fun. The one thing I thought would be broken in the game.

Also the 5ish hour tutorial the game forces you through. I'm all for integrating tutorials into the story to help immerse the play into the game world, but 5 hours is too much, especially for it being the 5th game in the series. With that being said - they may have given us a 5 hour tutorial on game play, but don't explain how to level up artisans, or go into detail how crafting works. Another aspect of the game that bothered me was the story. It wasn't as fun as ACI and ACII. The colonial America setting was cool but Connor's story felt somewhat rushed, and too much like Ezio's -- I won't go any further into the story because I don't feel like dancing around spoilers.

Like I said I came in excited for this game, but it bored me. It has been a long time since a game has made me regret spending $60. In the end it feels like a game that no outsider saw until launch. Perhaps the developers were so focused on the game, that they couldn't see the flaws.

What do you guys think, am I crazy, or do you agree?

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