Sequence 8, Thomas Hickey And Terrible Level Design

I don't think I've ever come across a level in a game as universally derided as this one has been. Search for Thomas Hickey, Sequence 8 and AC3 and you will find contempt on a global scale for what Ubisoft presented gamers, especially for those dedicated to achieving 100% completion.

Start to finish, Sequence 8 in Assassin's Creed 3 is a master class in how to infuriate gamers with terrible gameplay mechanics and nonsensical completion requirements. AC3 is not without other frustrating (as opposed to 'challenging') elements, but getting past levels with 100% completion by taking advantage of glitches and limitations in Non Playable Character A.I. is a fault that lies squarely with the level designer.

It's a shame, AC3 is spectacular and stunning in aesthetic and scope, and the open world free roam and interactions outside of missions make it a brilliant title to play, but it is still severely let down by the gameplay of the main story, which is something Ubisoft should never have let happen.

So terrible is this sequence, if there were ever to be a videogame awards equivalent of 'The Razzies', it should be named 'The Hickeys' in tribute.

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