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I'm trying out a new way of getting the community to easily find people playing the same games. So we are making a well organized list for new releases to share each others usernames. We'll have more details on the expansion of this idea soon. But for now to get your username on the list, comment below with your username and platform you'll be playing on. We also have a poll set up for a quick way to see numbers on each platform.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Modes


Combat type: The definitive Battlefield mode – All-out vehicle warfare mixed with intense infantry action across land, air and sea

Designed for: 24 players (X360, PS3) / 64 players (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Commander mode: Optional

Combat type: Fast-paced infantry variant of Conquest
Designed for: 20 players (all platforms)
Commander mode: No

Combat type: Mad dash in vehicles and on foot to deliver explosives
Designed for: 24 (X360, PS3) 32 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Commander mode: Optional

Combat type: Competitive close quarters combat
Designed for: 5 vs. 5 players (all platforms)
Commander mode: No

Team Deathmatch:
Combat type: The classic shooter mode, Battlefield 4 style
Designed for: 20 players (all platforms)
Commander mode: No

Combat type: Fight deep into enemy territory by detonating their M-COM stations
Designed for: 24 players (X360, PS3) 32 players (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Commander mode: Optional

Squad Deathmatch:
Combat type: Four squads fight on the ground with limited vehicle support in a race to the top of the leaderboard
Designed for: 20 players (all platforms)

Commander mode: No

From Polygons Review

DICE's relentlessly advertised "Levolution" adds an additional sense of unpredictability and shifting considerations to the game. In Operation Locker, a blizzard would often kick up outside the complex, making it difficult to spot enemies while moving and frosting my red-dot sight, rendering it useless until I spent a few seconds indoors. On Paracel Storm, a heated match of Conquest was interrupted by an intense hurricane that sent boats off course and had enemy combatants a dozen or so feet in front of each other without realizing it.

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Note about Next-Gen: I do advise not to vote or add your User ID to games on these unreleased platforms till your one hundred percent sure you will be buying it at the launch of the console. You can always come back later to change your vote and add your username to the comments. On top of that, we will have Next-Gen mega threads for each console the week of their release.

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