NOW PLAYING: BIOSHOCK INFINITE-Frustrations and Weirdness

Okay, playing Bioshock : Infinite now. I won't go into spoilers but the game is nice with some caveats (disclaimer Xbox 360 version) :

1. YOU CANNOT CHECK MANUALLY HOW MANY LOCK PICKS YOU HAVE, you NEED to try activating a locked door to find out (really annoying, trust me, unless someone can find a way?). saw it now:)

2.CHECK POINTS NEED SOME WORK. It's my opinion that the check point are sometimes a little too spaced out. some key events needlessly need you to engage in a battle again if you didn't engage a check point some way past a defeated boss character or major battle and turned off your console.

3. Nitpick , and I don't know if it's for story purposes (haven't finished the game) but I don't think it's spoiler so I'll say it: AS PER MY PLAYTHROUGH, YOU CAN'T KILL A SINGLE ANIMAL IN THE GAME. You can blow a guys head off (literally) with a sniper rifle but can't kill any of the pigeons and ravens in the game! Even the horse automatas. Weiiird. (but maybe plot relevant, but I doubt it).

4. Last nitpick. PLANT BOXES ON WINDOWSILLS OUTSIDE BUILDINGS, HOUSES. Seriously whomever rendered those things should be reprimanded. They're like polygonal pieces of turd/dirt with bits of red piece of junk strewn around them, uh, whould it kill you to actually put flowers on those things (You made flower bushes okay looking why can't you get the planters right? Uhhhhh!

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