If you've made it this far I assume you've beaten it or hate yourself. I have no gamer friends and I need an outlet so here I go.


These are some of the questions I was left with.

I wracking my brain here trying to tie it all together. What I gathered from the end at the most basic level is Anna is Liz and Booker is Comstock so, how does Booker eventually become Comstock? What makes him hate all non-whites and recede from the Union? Why did Comstock kill Lady Comstock? What was the debt he owed or was it all just a metaphor for his guilty conscience? Why did Comstock kill the Lutece twins? Is Lizs' power special or is it just physic's based like the Lutece twins because they seem to have similar powers? What was the Lutece twins role in all of this?

Here are some of my comments.

Holy Shit. That was a pretty insane ride. I say ride because it all felt like a really drawn out day at a fantastical and very racist amusement park. Like Disney World in the 2000's. The animatronics, the roller coasters, the level design, the side shows, the flamboyant color pallet. All of it felt very Disney / technicolor age cinema. I loved the whole aesthetic.

I'm not sure how I felt about Daisy's story arch. I wanted her to be more involved in the main story. She was a bad ass till she went psycho. I went into the game with a bit more knowledge about her after reading the Mind in Revolt companion book that was release on kindle last month, and she is better characterized in that couple of pages than in the whole game. I feel like if I hadn't read those pages she might have not seemed as important as a character as she ended up being.

I assumed there was going to be a revolution and I was going to aid in it but, I kind of felt empty helping these splinter reality doppelgangers. I wanted to help the Daisy, Mr. and Mrs. Lin from the original time line after passing through so many tears I didn't know who I was helping. That's probably just a personal issue or a by product of me not yet completely wrapping my head around the whole alternate realities thing yet.

Also fighting the Vox populi post Daisy's death made me sort of uncomfortable. I didn't want to kill them because I felt they were just misinformed.

That's all that's coming to mind this instant. I will update when my ideas take a better shape because my mind is running a mile a minute right now.

You're turn. Tell me what you thought. I understand it's a loaded question.

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