A frustrating tale regarding the "gear" in this game.

Okay, so... I picked up my first piece of gear and it's called the Burning Halo. I figured,

Hey, gear! Okay, so if I don't like it or whatever, I can unequip it, right? I mean, that's how most other games function.

No, no you cannot.

Here is what Burning Halo does:

70% chance that a melee target is set ablaze. Victim takes 300 damage over 4 seconds.

Now, ordinarily I would say,

Oh man, that sounds great!

Except the fact that the two times, thus far, that I've clubbed the shit out of a dude (or lady, I'm an equal opportunity employer), I've been set on fire by my own melee and almost died.

Let me repeat this: the melee attack for which that is supposed to aid me in combat became a deadly detriment in about two seconds. I hit him, he erupted in flames, the second the animation finished, I was then immediately set on fire.

So, my final question is this: is there any way I can unequip a piece of gear? If not, then do I have to wait to get another piece of armor for that slot to be able to unequip it?

EDIT: So, playing through the game a bit more, the melee now doesn't seem to be setting me on fire. I'm not sure what's going on entirely, or why it elected to do such a thing previously.

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