The choices of Bioshock and the Infinite possibilities (spoilers)

In Bioshock, there are a few instances where you are given two choices and a few seconds to make them, I'd like to talk though those choices and the effects (or lack thereof) they have on the game. I plan on playing through a second time, making the opposite choices, but wanted to see if there were any larger changes that these made.

1) Lottery Choice

The first choice you have to make, before the game really kicks off, is to join in with the Colombian tradition of stoning "sinners", in this case an interracial couple. I chose to throw my ball at Fink.

Later on, when you are in Fink's factory area, he mentions that he knew you were the man for his security team when you went to throw the ball at Fink. Other than that I didn't notice any other mentions to this in the story.

2) Choker Choice

After saving Elizabeth the two Lutece twins offer her the choice of two choker symbols, the bird or the cage. I chose the bird.

Besides her wearing this choice throughout the game, I image that the letter elder Elizabeth gives Booker has three birds on it, rather than the three cages my play-though contained.

3) Slate Choice

After defeating Slate and his soldiers, you're given the option to shoot or spare Slate. I chose to spare the man.

In Fink's jail, one of the cells contained a silent and defeated Slate. Elizabeth mentions that perhaps Booker was right, and that sparing him wasn't a merciful thing to do. I wonder if that's all that there is and if you kill him, he's simply not there when you visit the Jail.

4) Ticket Choice

When purchasing tickets to the First Lady, the cashier is on the phone and Booker knows somethings up. You can either choose to wait for the tickers or draw. I chose to draw on the man.

As far as I know, that choice doesn't go any farther than that, except that Booker mentions that you either draw first, or don't draw at all.

I may have missed a choice or two, but all of these don't seem to have any real consequences, as the Little Sister choices did in the original Bioshock. From reading the spoiler thread, my experience at the end was the same as everyone else. If you made different choices, where there larger reaching changes that I wouldn't have noticed?

I also really enjoyed the infinite universes concept that was brought up at the end of the game, and the transport to Rapture was the real "oh shit" moment for me. In every universe there are constants; the creator (Ryan and Comstock); the hero (Booker and Jack); the protector (Big Daddies and the Songbird); and the unique (Little Sisters and Elizabeth). Everything else is changeable and different.

At first I thought that the world of Colombia was split into two, as when the twins mentioned two sides of the coin, but the more the story progresses I think that each choice everyone in that world makes becomes a separate reality. In one Lin marries a Chinese woman, and because of that is murdered by Fink's men; in another he marries a white woman who has connections in Colombia and is able to barter his release.

This would also explain the many versions of Elizabeth that show up at the very end. Each one must have been set free from the siphon, but they are each alone, meaning that Booker must have died somewhere along the way in their world.

From a game standpoint, they could continue to make new Bioshock games in different parallel universes as long as they wanted, but I feel that without the powerful storyline they've had so far, the idea would wear itself thin.

I would have liked the choices you make to have a larger change to the story, but I understand that some choices aren't as powerful as others, and don't make that much of a difference.

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