Well I just finished the game... (spoilers maybe)

The ending felt like a slap in the face. It was perhaps the biggest letdown I've ever experienced with a game. It's like they realized the plot twist at the end of the first bioshock was good, so they had to try and do it again... only they decided rather than have a clever plot twist, let's just try and confuse the hell out of everyone! Yes I understand what they were trying to go with it. That does not make it any better.

The thing that made the first bioshock so great to me is that it seemed possible. This one however was just so stupidly complex, so poorly written, and all around obnoxious. Everything seemed so forced while the first game was just so well done and natural.

I disliked Elizabeth which I know I will get a ton of hatred for, as everyone seems to love her. The main problem I had with her, other than her stupid powers, is that she constantly swaps moods for no reason. It happens at least 8 times throughout the game, and each time it's only there to serve as a plot device to push you to the next part of the story as if they didn't have any other way to do it.

Then there was the vox, oh god the vox. They go from one minute of treating me as a savior, to the next minute where they decide i'm an imposter for no reason other than Daisy saying it... Which makes no sense in the first place as she had no reason, or way to communicate that to everyone at once. It would have been much more satisfying to work for the resistance and then find out the terrible things they are doing. Instead you get the crock of shit they through down to resolve that part.

I had a major problem with the tonics. The problem being, that they were utterly worthless. I went through the game using only one. In the first bioshock I felt the need to use all of them, as they had their pros and their cons. In this game however once you upgrade the shock jockey to chain to other enemies and get the clothes that let your effects move onto other enemies there is not reason to use anything else.

Then they tease you with moral decisions then toss that concept an hour into the game and act as if there was never a moral choice system to begin with. I would have loved for them to explore this some more, and yet they just toss it aside like it never happened. And they started off so strong! They had some amazing starting choices. And they didn't seem to do anything for me other than add a pointless encounter a little bit later in the game.

The build up of special enemies from before the game was released only to have them be cake walks, and not challenging at all, unlike the big daddies in the first game who gave me a run for my money up until the end.

Well... Time for people to tell me how wrong I am I guess... I really just needed to rant somewhere, and this felt like the place to do it.

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