BioShock Infinite Ups and Down [spoilers ahead, including the ending]

I loved BioShock Infinite in terms of the story, characters, setting, skyhook mechanics. However I noticed that the combat mechanics were really sloppy, I didn't see myself enjoying the combat as much as I wanted (mostly ground combat). I did enjoy using the skyhook to kill everyone I could!

Combat Mechanics and the AI

I felt really letdown on how sloppy was the combat mechanics. I think BioShock Infinite deserved a cover system to cover against crates, walls, etc. The letdown began when every enemy started rushing at me like a madman. I actually would have loved to see them using tactics to get me killed. There were times I was crouching (because we actually have no cover system) and saw 2-3 of them rushing at me, I just switched to my shotgun, and the inevitable happened, they died. And to add more, I expected the soldiers in Columbia to have some type of anti-vigor field, it was a very prosperous city, why didn't the enemy unit had protection against them? God knows.

The AI needed to be better, it would have added a richer experience while playing. All we got was a standard AI that you could carelessly rush to kill.


When you start the game, I took my time to admire the visuals. I walked around the place, admired all the small details they added except there was this one that got me. After the baptism or maybe before it. You can't actually see your reflection on the water. I know I know, it's just me nitpicking here. Later on game you saw posters of yourself, even yourself walking with Elizabeth (at the end)

Story, the environment & Elizabeth

Let me start by saying I really loved the story, it had a great flow, there are still parts of the story that confuses me and some inconsistencies (like the Vox Populi) that made it feel rushed.

After finishing it I thought "wait.... Lady Comstock is Elizabeth?" no, no I was wrong because the nearest thought was "wait, did Comstock(DeWitt) lost his wits and knocked her own daughter?" and we are all glad he didn't.

I remember hearing about how silly it was for Elizabeth to give you items. It wasn't, that was her main purpose to not be useless. If you were to escort a person that really wanted to get the hell out of a place the first thing she/he will do is help you the best ways possible to make it happen. Elizabeth wasn't making the game easier, she stayed truth to her wishes to get out, she wasn't useless. Pinning it on "made the game easier" would be overlooking her true intentions.

The environment is beautiful I don't think I have to express myself on this part. However, isn't it time to ponder why the Luteces were expecting for the coin to fall on tails? If we see the male lutece, they have brought DeWitt from alternate universes and it always falls on heads. Moreover, I couldn't clearly think of Luteces intentions on why help DeWitt, and they really didn't show any hate towards Comstock. They were really a eccentric lot. To top it, I only found like 49 voxphones and I'm not sure if the remaining ones explain more about Lutece.

Anyway, these are my random thoughts. I have more to say on Bioshock Infinite. I don't think they deserved a 10/10 from Polygon but I'm not really going to throw a fit about it either. I enjoyed all the game could give me and I'm quite happy with it regardless of the AI job. I just finished the game yesterday and my thoughts on it might change.

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