Themes. (SPOILERS)

I just wanted to talk about the themes in Infinite as I perceived them after a play through..

1. Religion

Religion is for small minded people who are either ultra racist nationalists or simpletons. Maybe I missed it but there are no sympathetic religious characters in this world. In fact the major fork in his life from which Booker becomes the evil Comstock is a baptism. The concept of religious redemption is shown to not only be foolish, but self destructive. Some things just cant be forgiven according to the game.


Anybody with a profit motive is evil. Fink Industries represents the unfettered capitalist and takes the place of Andrew Ryan from the first game. Personally I groaned a little bit during the Fink Industries section. It felt like I'd been there before.


Represented by the Vox. There is no rebuffing of the ideas of Marxism(maybe there is and I missed it) just on the methods they use to gain power. No commentary on the squashing of the individual that is necessary for a Marxist regime. The Vox are violent idealists. They mean well but there methods are extreme.

4. Racism

I really don't think Infinite had much new to say on this issue. Other than to connect religion and nationalism with racism.

5. Nationalism/American Exceptionalism

The evil of extreme nationalism is shown through both the patriots and the Vox. Both do horrible things in the name of their nations.

6. Quantum Dynamics

This was my favorite part of the game. The idea of infinite universes splitting at our every forking decision is a fascinating concept.

Overall I loved the game. 9/10. I do NOT think that Levine took many risks in the themes of this game. There are plenty of games that focus on nationalism and religious extremism and yes, even racism. In fact most of these themes are recycled from previous Bioshock games.

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