Disagreeing with Bioshock Infinite's Primary Storytelling Device.

Just finished playing the game (which I loved btw!), and I gotta say, even though I paid attention intently to the story developments, and the Voxophones, I had to go online to piece the finer parts of the story together.

I've got to say, doesn't the fact that the finer plot details, which are uncovered by Audio Recordings, prove that telling a complex story in games is still an issue? I mean, I LISTENED to the recordings and I STILL found it difficult to piece together the entire narrative.

David Jaffe (Lead designer on the Original God of War) said that if you are truly intent on telling a story, then games aren't the best medium to do it. And while Bioshock Infinite aims for the stars in that regard, the fact that it takes you out of the gameplay experience, into what are essentially mini audiobooks, to tell its story, tells me we have yet to find a way to tell linear stories in this medium.


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