Out of curiosity, who enjoyed BL1 more than BL2?

Out of curiosity, am I the only one who lost interest in Borderlands 2 way quicker than the original Borderlands? I love all the content they are pushing into BL2, but I oddly don't find it as entertaining as the first.

It's just one odd thing that with the original, I spent hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of hours roaming around with friends, collecting loot, etc, however with Borderlands 2 the same interest of doing so was lost upon beating the game? Both BL1 and the second were games I had since launch days of each, and BL1 held me off a lot longer without any DLC compared to BL2 which I lost interest once the Mechromancer was released. While all of the Borderlands 2 DLC packs look extremely good and I want them, the motivation to actually sit down and play it is lost with me. I'd rather spend my time with other games. It's strange.

Am I the only one? Not trying to be a troll or anything either. I'm a huge supporter of the franchise and Gearbox, but it's just something with BL2 that, although I can't put my finger on, deters me from enjoying it.

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