Curiosity, Benevolence and Selfishness


So, I was reading this little piece earlier about Curiosity, Peter Molyneuxs new jam. For those unaware, the players all contribute to chipping away at a cube, to find something inside. Currently, no-one knows what the something is, but Molyneux is saying it might change the world. Silly statement aside, it's a pretty cool idea.

What I didn't realise before now, is that only one person will see the contents of the cube. Just one. This got me to thinking about what I would do if I won. Would I post it up online in full, guaranteeing myself Internet fame? Would I keep quiet, a secret only I would be party too? Would I tease it, but not reveal it, giving the world hints but not the full picture? I'm racking my brains over it, and I can't decide what I would do. So I put this to you:

If you were the sole winner of Curiosity, would you share the contents of the Cube with the world?

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