Players can start halfway through Dark Souls 2 if "brave" enough


From Software are allowing for a wiper scope in the order by which you choose to complete objectives in Dark Souls 2, according to an interview conducted with the games director Yui Tanimura by Digital Spy. With Dark Souls 2 the studio hopes to provide that freedom of choice in order to allow a unique experience for each player of the game.

In the first title in the series 'Dark Souls' players were forced to complete objectives in order to travel through the world of Lordran, first by ringing two bells in order to gain access to Sen's Fortress, and later by acquiring the Lordvessel to progress further in the game. With the sequel Tanimura hopes that if players try hard enough they could potentially begin halfway through the game, "depending on how willing or how brave they are."

During the interview with Digital Spy Tanimura also made a brief mention that the plot of the game involves the player "trying to cure a curse."

Dark Souls 2 is due for release in March 2014 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Check out Polygons hands-on, and interview with Tanimura from E3 in June 2013 for details on the Mirror Knight boss fight, and the streamlining of the player experience for accessibility.

Source: Digital Spy

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