Prepare To Die content OUT NOW on consoles


The PC's previously exclusive Prepare To Die content is now available on PS3 and 360.

DLC for the new content is available on XboxLive and PSN worldwide, with Namco Bandai making retail editions available in certain areas as well. Europe and Australia have a full Prepare To Die Edition, featuring the original game and downloadable content on disc. a'la August's European PC version.


Unlike the PC version, which packed in a soundtrack, documentary, poster, artcards and 150 page artbook in the box, the Playstation and Xbox versions are bare bones in comparison. That said, online retailers have listed the game for less than half the price of a new game, coming in at a bargain £20 on Considering the game still goes for upwards of £15, a steal at that price.

For those on farther shores who'd like a disc version to add to their collection, Zavvi have the game for £23.95, but only charge 99p extra to ship to the rest of the world. They also have the previously mentioned PC version with all the goodies at £19.95, so if you're a nerd for the games like I am, temptation lies but a click away.


Play-Asia lists the best of both worlds, with Asia set for both stand-alone disc and a ltd edition set with what looks like the same extras as the EU PC edition.

So .. will you be downloading the DLC, or tempted into getting one of the retail editions?

Excited for the new bits and bobs available? Do tell!


Personally i've been counting down the moments to this release for what seems like yonks. I've just started a brand new playthrough, with an entirely different build to last time - to see where a new play style and new tactics take me - whilst still jumping back into my original NG+ now and again!

[EDIT: October 31st. Game now released]

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