Dark Souls 1.06 patch notes: You get a Sunlight Maggot! And you get a Sunlight Maggot!!


Hey gang, in case you're wondering exactly what's changed with the latest Dark Souls patch released prior to Artorias of the Abyss, here are the English language patch notes.

I can also personally confirm that that asshole trash golem at the midway point of Blighttown who regularly killed my dudes has been removed.


1. Patched/removed the following exploits:

- Dragon Head glitch
- Bottomless Box glitch

2. Fixed the issue where Homing Soulmass and similar homing magic categorizes the invading player who uses the magic as an enemy. The invading player can now use homing magic without it turning against themselves.

3. Fixed any instances where players cannot obtain specific Covenant based items.

- Darkwraiths
Dark Sword
Darkwraith armor set

- Path of the Dragon
Dragoneye Orb

- Gravelord Servant
Gravelord Sword
Miracle: Gravelord Sworddance

- Darkmoon Blade
Blueeye Orb
Darkmoon Covenant Ring
Miracle: Darkmoon Blade
Darkmoon Talisman

4. Fixed instances where players cannot obtain the Sunlight Maggot.

5. Fixed all instances where players were able to discard items through an item glitch.

6. Fixed instances where players on NG+ and beyond could not access certain Feed Item categories when feeding items to Kingseeker Frampt.

7. All Fire, Chaos, and Lightning Elemental weapon parameters adjusted to lower values.

8. Divine shield parameter adjusted to read the properplayer parameter (from INT to FAI).

9. Adjusted to allow those who take riposte or backstab damage avoid spammed backstab attacks.

10. When playing against other players, Greatsword andGreataxe stunlocks adjusted.

11. The amount of stamina depleted when attacking frombehind a shield increased (such as Spears and Rapiers).

12. Mask of the Father, Mask of the Mother, Hornet's Ring effects lowered.

13. Eagle Greatshield physical defense value lowered.

14. (PlayStation 3: R1, Xbox 360: RB) Black Knight Greataxe damage output reduced.

15. Dark Wood Grain Ring wait value adjusted to affectweight 1Ž4 of player weight capacity.

16. Soulspear, Crystal Soul Spear and Sunlight Spear effects to opponent's Poise adjusted.

17. The amount of Humanity which can be obtained from the dead body at the Firelink Shrine increased to 3.

18. Removed the Homeward Bone acquiring event after ringing the bell at the Undead Parish.

19. Oswald of Carim will sell unlimited amounts of Homeward Bones.

20. Added warp areas to the Lordvessel.

- The Depths
- Undead Parish
- Painted World of Ariamis
- Tomb of the Giants
- Duke's Archives
- Crystal Cave

21. The 2 NPC enemies which appear after turning Anor Londo into dark will not respawn.

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