Favorite Dark Souls Moment


via darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com

Hey everyone! Just wanted to know what your favorite moment playing dark souls has been. The game offers so many unexpected events that really make it unique and special. Mine would have to be during my invasions in the Forest. I had just finalized my lvl 120 dex sorcerer with crystal magic weapon, uchi +15, crystal homing soulmass and so on. I decided to go to the forest to test out how my character performed against gankers. To my dismay I died many a time to 3v1 matches, but then something really cool happened. I invaded a group of 3 peeps ready to kick my ass so I ran a bit looking for some kind of help. While I was doing this, a forest hunter invaded this world as well. We both kind of looked at each other and without saying a word we knew that we had to work together to f these gankers up. We both then proceeded to tear apart these guys who were str slow characters for the most part. After the two summoned phantoms were dispatched, we both saw the fear in the invaded characters eyes. It felt very good ripping that guy apart that night. So what are your favorite dark souls moments?

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