Dead Space 3 Demo - Thoughts?

(Obviously, there will be spoilers related to the demo in this thread. Consider this your warning.)



Well, I've just finished the single player campaign in the Dead Space 3 demo (thanks again for the code, Polygon). I'm curious what other people's opinions were of it.

I sort of expected it to last a bit longer considering it was a 2 GB demo. I also feel like the enemies were noticeably less destructible than in Dead Space 2? This was especially true for the humans (and those Necromorphs that masquerade as humans). Humans also seem to have a massive amount of health while you're fighting them, but the moment a Necromorph saunters into frame their armor magically turns to wet paper.

Also, I sincerely hope they have more plans for outside levels than a bunch of snowy hallways infested with Necromorphs that pop up directly in front of you ad nauseam, interspersed with scenic vistas for Isaac to gaze at while he mutters to himself about whatever.

Other than that, it seemed pretty good? I thought the snowscape effects, while not Uncharted 2 levels of quality, were well done. The new weapon customization seems like it would be really fun to work with, the demo made it seem very promising - I liked the tactical implications from the fact that a few of the weapon attachments benefit both players while in co-op mode. Switching out batteries for crank generators is a welcome change as far as I'm concerned. I wish they could've gone with a more conventional Shooter button layout, but that's something I'll surely just adjust to with time.

The game didn't scare me at all, though, which is a bit of a bad sign since anyone who knows me will tell you I am an absolute baby with scary games, even ones that aren't trying to be scary (I've got a pretty overactive imagination).

Your turn! Pros? Cons? Do I "just not get it?"

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