Demon's Souls: A Guide [EpicNamebro, Demon Days]

Much like he did with the superb Dark Days guide to Dark Souls, the wonderful EpicNameBro has started a Demon's Souls version.

This will go into the game, hints, tips, a look at the lore as well as going into a number of the game's intricacies and secrets.

Dark Days was a fabulous watch. Even as a massive enthusiast of the game, I learned a heck of a lot, saw alternative ways of doing things, and a deeper view on the the rich connections between the world and characters was an absolute joy.

Hopefully Demon Days will tempt a few Dark Souls players towards the first game, as well as hopefully encouraging a few folks back to the title. It's a stunning game, one of my favourites ever, and I'd really adore more folks taking a look at it.

Don't be put off by all the 'hardest game ever' labels the Souls games get. there's a challenge there, certainly, but not an unasailable one.

Hope you enjoy the vids and follow through with EpicNameBro's vids as they unfold....

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