Frostivus... canceled!

The world of Dota 2 is overrun with Greevils!

Prepare for the Greeviling!

Compete against other teams in taking out Greevil camps, and be awarded with tons of items! You get an item that transforms you into the Greevil you have equipped(just hatch an egg to get one, or infuse it for extra powers), so go out there and get working!

I've played about 25 matches so far, and really enjoying it. There's lots of top tier heroes for the mode, mostly ones with hard hitting ultimates, such as Lina, Lion, Necrolyte, etc. Enigma is great for his ability to immediately wipe out a mini Greevil. At the end of each match, you're awarded either a naughty or nice gift. Nice have a higher chance of getting you a rare item, but either way, you get something sweet.

I'll be playing all week, so hit me up on the group if you want to team up and load up on some items.

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