A noob seeking as much advice as possible

Hello Polygon!

During Steam's Winter Sale, I bought early access to the Dota 2 beta (I know there are cheaper ways of doing so, but I never have any problems throwing money at Valve).

Anywho, I know from my brief foray into League of Legends that you don't want to jump into real games for plenty of reasons, so I studied up (reading Purge's "Welcome to Dota 2, you suck" guide and watching plenty of videos about certain characters, effectively spending money, etc). I mostly play co op bot games on Medium, and have a lot of success (depending on my comfort level with the character I pick, I would even dare to say I don't suck completely).

However, I don't know where to go from here. Bot matches are fun, and I find the people in bot matches are generally awesome (congratulatory when you get something right and honest but supportive when you are doing something that begs questioning), but I don't want to make the mistake of getting used to playing AI and using their predictive behavior against them.

This is the kicker; in real games, when I mess up, I am met with nothing but name calling. I don't retaliate (normally just saying something along the lines of "That isn't gunna make me any better"), but it is annoying and affects the tone and mindset for the rest of the game. Keep in mind, when I say mess up, I don't mean I am feeding the other team 4 kills by the 3 minute mark; I mean that in the sense that I won't perfectly read someones gank setup or something that is a little more out of the basic.

I know this is inevitable to an extent (Purge mentions that you have to just deal with it as it is almost part of the game), but I was wondering if there are other things I should be learning before playing more real matches, or if that is all the kind of stuff you pick up on the job and you just grit your teeth as you're learning. I understand the mechanics of last hitting/denying, and I am at least familiar with lane harassing (surely could use improvement but I know that it is something to work on).

I would love to play Skeleton King, but the level I am at everyone rolls Carries though so I tend to opt for more supportive rolls like Lich and Crystal Maiden.

Any suggestions for where to go from here for someone who has done their homework for the basics would be great! Whether this be Heroes, game lobbies, techniques, etc, any and all advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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