Nothing here on Far Cry 3? I can't be the only one who is super excited.

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I'm a little surprised that there isn't any forum activity for Far Cry 3 yet - Especially since there is less than a month until it's release. Personally I'm really excited for the game. Far Cry 2 was really great and Far Cry 3 looks even better! I've pre-ordered the insane edition and can't wait to get my hands on it come November 29 (I'm Australian).

To try and get some discussion going I've compiled a short list of videos, previews, reviews and any other media I can find. Well, it's not everything I can find or have found, but it's a nice little list in my opinion. ha.

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Previews and Reviews;

Written Reviews/ Previews

Video Reviews/ Previews

Far Cry 3 4fcd58376a0ef17488000005

Gameplay Videos;

Far Cry 3 4fa6cb73cdc388ed13f66326

Other Media;

Note: The two different 'editions' of the games are from an Australian outlet. They might be different in other countries or the images might not even be accessible.

Well, it's not a huge list but hopefully it's enough to get people hyped for Far Cry 3. If you're already excited, maybe it will quench your thirst a little - Or make it worse.
Feel free to add anything you find, there is plenty I haven't put on this list and there is no doubt a lot I haven't seen yet either.

EDIT: There is a lot of stuff on /r/farcry if you're interested too.

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