Techincal Issues with the PS3 version

Is anyone else encoutering frequent technical issues on the PS3 version of Far Cry 3? A lot of the issue I'm encounter is audio sfx and music delayed. For example when I being shooting a silenced pistol, the slienced discharge sound effect doesn't start until after the 3 or 4 shot. Also, during the opening cinematic I encountered a lot of stuttering audio, which I first attributed to the cutscene as creative intent, but once it happened during game play, it became really annoying. It's feels like playing the game on a PC that doesn't have the horsepower to run it, which is ridiculous for a console game. After the debacle that was ACIII, I'm wondering if Ubisoft is seriously skimping on their QA. Is anyone encountering these issues on the xbox 360 version?

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