A Thread Reborn: FFXIV Discussion and 2.1 Patch Experience

I'm just going to bring this to the table again, a couple of months back Nipah created a thread to cover most of FFXIV discussions. However some of the things in the games has changed, for the better or worse. The mighty 2.1 patch is now in place which provides Housing features, interface improvements, minions minions minions!, Beast tribes quests, Hildibrand is back, the fabulous aesthetician, the duty roulette, xmas content, and so much more.

Me? I'm just a level 39, I can't touch some of the content but I did get most of the xmas items. I can positively say that I'm enjoying the duty roulette. I also need to add how gratifying it is to get an instant confirmation with a Tank or Healer when you spend 30-40 minutes using a DPS class D:

Anyway, what are your thoughts so far about the 2.1 patch? What's your favorite addition? What jobs/classes are you hoping they add to the game in the future?

For the old players, what class gave you trouble to adapt but came to love it in the end? How's the new dungeons coming along?

If you are new here, feel free to join us :) don't be afraid of asking questions or sharing your thoughts (unless you are asking Nipah, he bites)

Feel free to let us know how horribly you died in a dungeon, how awesome it felt when you beat X boss, your favorite dungeons, etc.

Remember to use the spoilers tags

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