Final Fantasy XIV: ARR - Share Your Impressions

Hello everyone, the beta phases 4 is coming to an end and sadly, some of us have to part ways with it. So, for starters! How did you find A Realm Reborn?

[My Impressions]

As for me, I really loved playing ARR. I played as a Conjurer, Pugilist, and a Gladiator. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to play other classes. I think that while I don't currently have the money to sustain the subscription, I would TOTALLY buy the OST first, and hopefully the game later. When I played for the first time in the previous phases there was this awkward moment about the gameplay being sort of turn based with the Global CoolDown (GDC of 2.5 seconds).

As many of you, we adapted and started to see what the game provided. The combat is really a hit or miss, those who are used to Action RPGs (Dragon Nest, Guild Wars 2, Rusty Hearts, TERA Online) will feel the whole system vexing, or irritating.

Another note is that the old "Trinity" is back, what's the trinity exactly? The trinity refers to the need of Tank/DPS/Healer. Some people hate it, others love it. But what does that mean exactly for ARR? Well, in the first dungeons, at least when I played in Tam-Tara Deepcroft which is the first dungeon in the Granadia area. Even if I was a Conjurer, the aggro it generates between monsters will get you killed, so your team must be really responsive when they target you. What I'm saying doesn't really come as a surprise since the trinity been around for years.

The FATE system is sort of like dynamic events from Guild Wars 2, except they happen more often, and some of them are activated through user input(e.g talk with the NPC). I felt that FATE still needs some polishing to do, especially when it's crowded you don't really get a chance to kill anything, it's either 2-3 kills or nothing. My problem with this also lies that the "select target near you" actually feels more bugged than working as expected. For example, I could be in front of the enemy, but it targets the one that is 10 feet away from me, which makes me annoyed because my kill gets "stolen" in FATE. I do hope they expand the FATE "Area of Conflict" circle (purple area), it's really tiny and I don't see it holding up when the final product is released.

That aside, we also have Duty Calls. Duty Calls are special instances that are either part of the plot or side missions. Sometimes you do Duty Calls alone, other times you do them with a team of NPCs. If you are a healer, most of the time you are better off healing the NPCs than engaging battle. There's not much to say about Duty Calls other than it serves as a bridge to continue the story of whatever quest you are doing.

I'm going to wrap this up, I won't be touching Job System, Traits, Mounts, etc because I haven't had the chance to try them out. I'm playing this game with a gamepad (PS2 controller) .

I've enjoyed the combat, dungeon (TTD), quests of the game. I think Yoshida and his team did an amazing job on ARR. Most importantly, the work on the gamepad support has been an amazing experience (calibration, layout), and the smooth user interface has won me over.

Share your impressions :)

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