FUSE demo impressions

Hey Polies,
Looked for demo impressions on Polygon and upon seeing nothing, wanted to create a thread to read your opinions about the game.

For me, the demo looked generic on gameplay mechanics.

Yes, 'gameplay mechanics are generic', like I was hoping to see the opposite. Judging from the demo; graphics, dialog and overall art direction is nice, but not anything new. Okay, they don't have to develop anything 'new' but after changing the direction with 'overstrike to fuse' situation, Insomniac said that FUSE will be a fresh breath of air in shooter genre, but demo is nothing but bland.

Same feelings with the infamous Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City.

Judging from the demo: Team based Gears Of War-ish gameplay, with 'not so crazy' guns. And some orange color.

This is 'my' impressions on the Fuse demo. Looking forward to read yours.

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