Polynaut GTAV Online Crew

With GTA Online coming out in just over two weeks I was thinking that we Polynauts should be running Los Santos. Therefore I want to create a "Crew" as Rockstar are calling it.

The community on this site is the best around in my opinion so I know that a bunch of us running around in each others games would be amazing. We are pretty much a respectful, mature, and intelligent bunch. Though I know we all will be up for some backstabbing, RPG to the face, GTA style shenanigans. Somehow with our beloved video games both those things are cohesive.

Anyone that is interested please leave your Gamer Tags in a reply below, and add everyone you see on to your friends list. Maybe even a Crew name idea as well if you're feeling creative. When we gather enough I'll create the Crew, and we'll be stealing each others virtual cars and money in a fortnight. Thanks. ; )

PSN Gamer Tag: DragonmageDrake

Update: Just found an old Polygon official Crew from Max Payne 3. You can join here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/polygon

Keep coming back here to beef up your friends list with fellow GTA playing Polynauts, and if it turns out that Crew isn't active I'll create a new one and invite everyone who replies. Thanks. Polynauts Unite! ; )

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