Money Is Not Enough

Granted I have not finished GTA V (so please no spoilers!), but so far I'm having a hard time feeling the characters motivation and identifying what the heck the story actually is. What is this all about and why are these people doing all this? Is it really all for the money? As far as I can tell yes, yes it is.

Sure to some extent Michael is doing it to feel alive again, and sometimes the guys are being forced into carrying out errands but the main thing seems to be about money. Each character seems completely willing do the most ridiculous shit just for a few bucks. When it comes to money they're like cats around catnip.

Here's the problem with that. Money doesn't really have any purpose in this game. Not when you can steal every vehicle for your own. Not when you can mug every single person in the game, basically turning every NPC into your own personal ATM. Not when houses serve no purpose other than as a place to change your clothes and garage your car.

Don't get me wrong I am enjoying the fully realized world Rockstar has made. I'm enjoying the multitude of activities on hand, and I'm mostly enjoying the missions in and of themselves, but I can't say I'm enjoying the story, or lack there of. It feel like a collection of side quests more than an actual narrative.

How's everybody else feeling about the story? Does it pick up? (I've recently finished the heist involving the sub.)

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